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I am a junior at Eastern Washington University studying journalism, news editorial. I work as a copy editor for the student-run newspaper, The Easterner. Practicing journalism as a student has allowed me many opportunities to cover diverse stories featuring individuals of unique backgrounds.

The contents of this website displays news media I’ve produced throughout my time in college and showcases my abilities as a well-rounded journalist.

The Easterner
Military sexual trauma linked to posttraumatic stress

While military post-traumatic stress disorder is commonly associated with experiences from war, military sexual trauma is also a leading cause of PTSD. Some EWU student veterans wake up with night sweats, recall unpleasant memories, feel tense and avoid reminders of traumatic events-all symptoms of PTSD. According to the U.S.

The Easterner
The Easterner & ASEWU connect media and politics

Disclosure: The Easterner was involved in the event that this story covers. The writer of the story, Sam Jackson, was not involved in the event in any way. The Easterner's editor-in-chief, Michael Brock, and managing editor Jeremy Burnham did not participate in the editorial process for this story.

The Easterner
EWU Climbing Wall has a club

The EWU climbing club has been making strides to reach new peaks for the sake of the university's climbing community. Senior Tim Hamersly told The Easterner in an email that he became president of the club because he cares a lot about climbing and that he wanted to "revitalize the EWU climbing community's interest in...

The Easterner
Female professors receive more work demands

An EWU psychology professor's research showed some students inflict gender bias against female professors in higher education institutions. After finding that sometimes her 'no' wasn't being heard enough in the classroom, especially regarding her policy against giving out her PowerPoint slides, EWU professor Dr. Amani El-Alayli wondered if her male colleagues were going through the...

The Easterner
Eagles soar to Washington's Capitol to lobby for university issues

EWU students are on a mission to express their concerns and advocate for bills that matter to this university and universities at a statewide level, by taking a trip to Olympia for Eagles' Lobby Day. The two-day event invites students to gather on a bus and ride to the capitol addressing eight priority bills and...

The Easterner
EWU to host Shaping Germany Campus Week with immigration integration focus

EWU prepares to embrace Germany beyond brats, beers and lederhosens by celebrating its 25th anniversary of the EWU-University of Passau exchange program and introducing Shaping Germany Campus Week. This event will take place from Nov. 5 - 9. EWU has a study abroad exchange program in conjunction with the University of Passau in Passau, Germany....

The Easterner
Westboro members protest in Spokane

Five members of the Westboro Baptist Church, picketed controversial messages throughout Spokane, on Oct. 11, as a greater amount of counter protesters readied for a showdown at every location. The members of the church based out of Topeka, Kansas are known for traveling the United States to hatefully oppose soldiers, environmentalists, scientists, the LGBTQ+ community...

The Easterner
Mullinix Fire contained near Cheney

Some locals of Cheney pondered their next move as smoke dispersed over their homes during a windy evening on Tuesday, Oct. 2. The smoke was caused by a wildfire called the Mullinix Fire. It burned 27.8 acres of land and was started by a transient campfire near the train tracks.

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