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Content Marketer // Technical Marketing Manager

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As a dedicated and disciplined digital marketer, I have hands on experience developing and implementing digital marketing campaigns and strategies across owned, earned and paid media channels; including web, social, email, SEO and SEM.

With both agency and in-house experience, I’ve worked on the accounts of international clients such as Coca-Cola, Telstra and Vitamix; and for ASX-listed businesses such as The Star Entertainment Group.

From strategy development to content production and paid amplification, I’ve managed vast and varied digital marketing campaigns, driving business results whilst maintaining cost efficiencies and ROI.

Having played competitive football since I was five years old, I understand that Michael Jordan indeed had a point when he said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

As a result, I respect those around me and unique qualities they possess. Sometimes standing strong as a supporter is just as important as leading from the front.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Billy Slater: Man Behind the Melbourne Storm

In view of the famous white picket fence surrounding North Sydney Oval sweat streams down the forehead of Melbourne Storm fullback Billy Slater. After all, he has just gone toe-to-toe with fast-bowler Mitchell Johnson in a series of performance tests known as the Powerade Powerscore - and prevailed.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Take on Billy Slater and Mitchell Johnson with Powerade Powerscore

Champions know that ego counts, but numbers don't lie: to be the best, you've got to beat the best. That's why Powerade has developed Powerscore, a series of physical tests created in collaboration with the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS).

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Ask the Interns! Behind the Scenes at Coca-Cola

We are one of the world's most recognisable, with more than 130 years of product innovations and marketing campaigns across the globe. But what's it like to actually work at Coca-Cola? We sat down with four summer interns from Coca-Cola South Pacific - Belel, Evgeniya, Kimberly and Sabrina - to find out exactly what they discovered behind the scenes.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
The Biggest Technology Trends of 2017 and Beyond

Technology, big data, artificial intelligence. Are you feeling a bit uneasy yet? You wouldn't be the only one. A 2015 survey of 1500 adults found technology to be our second biggest fear category, the cause of a chill more unnerving than crime, government and even death.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Past and Present: Exploring the Iconic Brand Design Behind the Coca-Cola Red Disc

From its symbolic Coca-Cola text, what we call Spencerian script, to the unmistakable contour bottle, Coca-Cola has worked for more than 130 years to create its iconic brand designs. But in all the innovation and creativity there’s been one symbol that keeps quietly making itself known: the red disc.

Filtered Media
What's in a byline? The case for ghostwriting

The rise of content marketing has brought with it a demand for ghostwriting like never before. But shouldn't content be written by the person who gets the byline? Samantha Waterworth explores... Ghostwriting: The endeavour a writer embarks upon to produce an article, book or whatever other form desired, on behalf of another.

Filtered Media
Campaign watch: Square finds success with storytelling series

Square, a mobile payments company led by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has unveiled the first instalment of a storytelling series focused on the success of small business. " For Every Kind of Dream " is an eight-minute film that follows the immigration of Syrian-born Yassin Terou, who fled war-torn Syria to ensure his family's safety.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Landcare and Coca-Cola Make Time for What Matters

How do you encourage people to see the ground beneath their feet, not just what's in front of them? According to Landcare and Coca-Cola you ask them to leave the office and do some digging.

Filtered Media
Campaign watch: Adidas uncovers the perils of playing it safe

They've done it again. Students from the renowned German Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg - the school that produced the breathtaking 'Dear Brother' for Johnnie Walker and the charismatic 'ABC of Death' for Volvo - have unveiled an emotion-packed clip that places storytelling at the heart of brand advertising.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation Unveils First Flagship Partner

Did you play tuneless recorder songs to your parents in primary school? Sing in a choir? Learn to dance? If so, you're probably in the minority. The reality is that three out of four Australian schools don't have music teachers, which means students are missing out on the opportunity to experience musical creativity.

Coca-Cola Oceania
State Of The Art: Coca-Cola Opens World-Class Beverage Plant in New Zealand

It’s official: Coca-Cola New Zealand is leading the world in more ways than one. Alongside the unveiling of a world-class beverage plant in September, Coca-Cola has debuted new state-of-the-art production technology set to deliver improved environmental performance along with innovations in design and packaging.

Filtered Media
Why Aussie banks are cashing in on human stories

Don't let the money fool you, consumer trust is the key currency of the financial services industry - and the exchange rate isn't good. While consumer trust is improving in the financial services industry, it still scores the lowest of all sectors measured globally according to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer.

Coca-Cola Oceania
MyCoke Winner Lucy lives it up at Rio 2016 Olympic Games

This story is part of the 'Meet a MyCoke Winner' series - showcasing some of our lucky MyCoke winners from all corners of the country. As a chartered accountant at a regional district health board, it was one of the organisation's busiest days of the year when a fateful email came across Lucy Crighton's inbox.

Filtered Media
Explain to me: The difference between B2B and B2C content marketing

Many find it difficult to grasp the deep and nuanced difference between B2B and B2C content marketing but, as Samantha Waterworth explores, it pays to know the difference... Marketers talk often - and at length - about creating the right content and promoting it.

Coca-Cola Oceania
Perfect timing for MyCoke winner Peter

10,000 goes a long way and it couldn't have come at a better time for Peter, another lucky MyCoke winner who took away the cash prize earlier this year.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Sam Willoughby Rolls Into Adelaide for Happiness Cycle 2016

It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to teaching Aussie teens life skills, however, cycling takes on a whole new role when a BMX World Champion rolls into town encouraging young people to embrace their local communities through bike riding.

Filtered Media
Why this will be the most shared Olympic content campaign in history

With 28 Olympic medals under his belt, he's been dubbed the greatest swimmer of all time. And now, Michael Phelps is breaking new records in Under Armour's latest content campaign - a video that will resonate with you long after the Olympic cauldron goes out.

Telstra Exchange
Will cloud computing cause the next industrial revolution? - Telstra Exchange

In her role as a leader of Telstra's Global Products business, Michelle Bendschneider sees firsthand the impact cloud computing has had on the way business is conducted both here in Australia and globally. She takes a look at why cloud has had a larger impact than any other technology over the past decade.

Filtered Media
Campaign Watch: The insurance company that took Snapchat by storm

Engaging with the ever-elusive millennial audience isn't easy, but as AAMI Insurance has shown us, it isn't nearly as difficult as some make it out to be... A little creativity, adaptability and willingness to experiment - that's all it took for AAMI Insurance to launch a killer millennial-focused content marketing campaign.

Filtered Media
The Jaguar campaign that proves brand publishing works

It's the luxury brand publishing campaign that proves the power of user-generated content and media partnerships to engage users. Samantha Waterworth explores... Author-brand partnerships are unusual, but not unprecedented. When Jaguar Land Rover set out to explore this terrain a little over two years ago, however, the end result was a dynamic, unanticipated mix of user-generated content and luxury brand publishing which continues to boast success some years on.

Telstra Exchange
Using tech to predict a city's water needs

There's a chance you haven't heard of the Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA), but what they do is pretty impressive as Martijn Blanken discovered. As the leader of Telstra's Global Enterprise and Services business, I'm proud to work with many innovative and inspiring customers right across the globe.

Filtered Media
Behind closed doors: Inside the world of collaborative workspaces

"The need to conserve time is one of the biggest challenges modern work cultures face," says Robbie Robertson, partner and head of spatial and brand experience at Deloitte Australia. Increasing demands for creative input and innovative outcomes have led to a rapid shift in workplace momentum - and space has a major role to play in this.

Filtered Media
Campaign watch: Airbnb is on a mission to change the way you travel

The rise of the sharing economy has created markets out of things never previously considered sellable. At the forefront of that, Airbnb is reshaping and redefining the entire travel sector. Back in 2013, Forbes estimated the revenue flowing through the sharing economy directly into people's wallets would surpass US$3.5 billion.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Maintaining Proper Hydration in Sports

For a professional athlete such as South Sydney Rabbitohs captain and brand ambassador for POWERADE ION4, Greg Inglis, hydration is one of the most important elements of performance. Tune in as Dr Kenneth Graham, principal scientist at the NSW Institute of Sport explains the science behind the sweat.

Filtered Media
Filtered Events: TEDxSydney 2016 in under 5 minutes

Welcome to the Filtered Events series, a place where we curate all the latest and greatest trends, insights and innovations from industry events. This week we're proud to bring you the lo-down from TEDxSydney 2016. As the leading platform for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity and innovation to the rest of the world, TEDx recently lit up the Sydney's Opera House.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Supporting Future News: Coca-Cola Sponsors NSW Journalism Awards

The Kennedy Foundation has announced a partnership with Coca-Cola, which will see the top prize at the 5th Annual NRMA Kennedy Awards for Excellence in Journalism, named after the company. The 2016 Coca-Cola Kennedy Award Journalist of the Year will be presented with a $25,000 prize, with the winner of the Kennedy Award for Young Journalist of the Year receiving $5,000.

Filtered Media
10 things successful people do before 10am

There may not be a proven formula for success, but there's no denying those who manage to lead effective and happy lives tend to share a few key habits. While luck and genetics may play a role, decades of research on achievement reveals that successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do.

Filtered Media
Weathering the storm: How to handle negative publicity on social

Social media has changed the face of the customer service industry, waving away the days of one-way communication controlled by brands. So how can brands navigate the often choppy waters of negative publicity on social? Samantha Waterworth explores...

Filtered Media
Campaign watch: Tourism Australia broadens the immersive marketing lens

Forget 'Where the bloody hell are you?,' Tourism Australia has asked a bold new question in its latest brand campaign: How do you market the "feeling" of Australia? The answer is simple: Immerse people in it. Three months on and the latest instalment of Tourism Australia's There's Nothing like Australia campaign is already reaping big rewards.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Reigniting Sydney Streets: The Iconic Kings Cross Billboard on Track for Unveiling

In July 2015, the unmistakable letters and red fluting were removed from the façade and a temporary banner was erected in its place. The 'back to bricks' refurbishment reflects the strong commitment Coca-Cola is making to support sustainable solutions, with the billboard set to use a lot less energy than its predecessor.

Telstra IN:SIGHT
Stop! Collaborate: Three leading collaborative workspaces

Gone are the days of impromptu conversations by the water cooler. In an effort to foster innovation and increased productivity, organisations around the world are taking a more collaborative approach to designing their workspaces. The need to conserve time is one of the biggest challenges modern wor...

Filtered Media
Video killed the radio star: Creating content that resonates

Identified as the biggest challenge and highest priority for marketers across Australian and US B2B and B2C industries, content marketers are feeling the heat when it comes to creating content that resonates. Video marketing has been predicted to "change the game for marketers in 2016" and for good reason, with Cisco predicting up to 80% of all internet traffic will be streaming video content by 2019.

Filtered Media
Campaign watch: M.J. Bale masters marketing to the modern man

On their quest to master marketing to men, there was a single question gentlemen's clothiers M.J. Bale set out to answer: You can crush the man, but can you crush the suit? Boasting the claim that Australians travel further for business than other nation, the brand's latest foray into content marketing set out to challenge M.J.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Eat, Drink, Write: 2 Hungry Guys on Blogging Life

For the savviest of bloggers, business is booming. But what does it take to blog your way to the top? Tune in as Joe, one half of popular food blog, 2 Hungry Guys recounts the pair's rise up the ranks, revealing a secret or two along the way.

Filtered Media
Peak content: Why quality is better than quantity

In late 2013, serial marketing entrepreneur Drew Williams published a Hubspot blog titled: Peak Content: When Does Content Marketing Hit Its Breaking Point? He came to the conclusion that "It's all junk until it's not," which was indeed prescient at the time.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
How to Cook Like a Foodie with Sammy and Bella

"Our grandma was a chef, but she didn't just teach us to cook," Bella Jakubiak says. "She also taught us to eat." Before Sammy and Bella Jakubiak won one of Australia's favourite TV cooking competitions in 2011, they had no idea their cooking skills were unique. It's a talent they attribute to their upbringing.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Up, Up and Away: Jobs that Take You Places

A love of travel is universal: the desire to get out of your comfort zone and venture to foreign lands is the ultimate appeal. Yet while broadening one's horizons through travel can be exciting, rejuvenating and enlightening all at once, the dream for most avid adventurers is to have all this - and get paid for it along the way.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
The Road Less Travelled: 5 Uncovered Aussie Getaway Destinations

The Land Down Under has made quite a name for itself ­- and not only off the back of its national icons. Roughly the size of the continental United States, Australia is a vast country packed with remarkable natural beauty.

Aussies abroad: The Socceroos making their mark around the world

In true Game of Thrones style we're hear to remind you that winter is coming. Fortunately, across the globe winter is practically synonymous with football, so as winter nears and amateur football begins to shape itself up for another year down under, there's no better time to draw inspiration from our favourite Aussies abroad.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Six and Out! Mitchell Johnson’s Top Tips for Backyard Cricket

Growing up in Australia, a good marker of summer holidays or festive occasions are the cries, shrieks and laughter over the fence of yet another family backyard cricket match taking place. Often the breeding ground of some of Australia's best cricketers, the good old backyard cricket match is synonymous for young and old as a family tradition in Oz.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Western Wandering: Kununurra Clontarf inspires some of Coke’s best

Despite being the largest town in Western Australia north of Broome, Kununurra is somewhat of a sleepy locale. With a population barely exceeding 5,500 - 25% of which are indigenous - Kununurra District High School serves over 1,000 of the area's young people.

Filtered Media
A marketer’s maze: The path to effective content marketing in 2016

Content marketing continues to dominate the marketing agenda. But are your content investments paying off? Samantha Waterworth tackles the tough question and reveals how to make it work... Content marketing is no new phenomenon. In fact, anyone with a few years' marketing experience up their sleeve will tell you that it wasn't even new fifty years ago, let alone five.

Coca-Cola South Pacific
Collector Connections: Coca-Cola Unites Fans Worldwide

Coca-Cola collectors may not meet all that often, but when they do they come out in full force - as they did at the Queensland Coca-Cola Collectors Club 13 th National Convention, hosted last month on the Sunshine Coast. One member who stood out was Robin Simpson, secretary of the Queensland Chapter and an avid Coca-Cola collector.

Race to NRL finals

We're down to the pointy end of the NRL season. The finals are looming large, and although the top eight is relatively clear, the placement of these eight sides is anything but. The way I see it, these final few rounds of the season will serve to make or break several sides as they begin their NRL finals campaigns.

Clique Arcade Blog
Introducing Gigi Hadid, the latest face of Topshop

You may or may not have heard that Gigi Hadid has been announced as the newest face of Topshop, with her first AW15 campaign recently having been launched across the globe. Now some of you less social media savvy fashionistas may well be asking, "Gigi who?"

Aussies continue Davis Cup assault... just!

In a quarter final stage that was anything but pretty Australia have clawed their way back to claim victory against Kazakhstan 3-2. Meeting Kazakhstan for the first time since the country's debut tournament appearance in 1995 the Aussies were quickly on the back foot, with Kokkinakis and Kyrgios losing the two opening matches.

Clique Arcade Blog
Spotlight Kaliver: the pieces you can't do without

If you haven't already got yourself acquainted with the all-Australian designer, allow me to do the honours. Based in Sydney, Kaliver is a high-end women's fashion label that produces looks that are simultaneously feminine and strong; unique pieces that utilise a broad range of only the best materials.

Why someone needs to save the NRL from itself

The last two seasons of the NRL have left me feeling somewhat peculiar. As someone who was once an avid fan of the NRL - the kind of fan that would sit down to watch any game no matter which teams were playing or whether I barracked for them or not -the 2014 and 2015 competitions have seen my interest distinctly decline.

Filtered Media
The road to content marketing success is paved with consumer trust.

The online marketplace isn't afraid of chewing brands up and spitting them out, and it has never been more important for brands to ensure their digital offerings rise above the rest. Here's why developing a strong sense of consumer trust is do or die...

Clique Arcade Blog
What we've learnt from Carrie Bradshaw

Fearless. Iconic. Inspirational. No amount of endearing adjectives can some up Carrie Bradshaw and what she has meant (and still means) for women's fashion. From 1998 to 2004 Carrie & co. lit up our screens (as well as our big screens in 2008 and 2010).

Why Rowdy Rousey is the real deal

The latest UFC fight night is almost upon us. On August 1, 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey will defend her bantamweight title against Brazilian fighter Bethe Correia at UFC190. The fight will mark the first occasion Rousey has entered a UFC fight outside the United States.

The race is on in the Women's Ashes

This year marks the third occasion that the Women's Ashes series has be played using its tri-format points scheme. Since 2013, the series has featured three ODIs, one test match and three twenty-twenty games; the big test worth four points, and the rest at two points a match.

Filtered Media
Storytelling hits a high in new university video campaign.

As part of their latest rebranding campaign, Western Sydney University (formerly University of Western Sydney), have released a series of videos that exemplify exactly why the power of storytelling has never been more relevant for brands and marketers alike.

Clique Arcade Blog
Why you should let your blazer have your back

If you're looking hard enough you may just be able to see Spring on his way in from out on the horizon. Winter is slowly fading out, with just 6 weeks left to bare, and that means its time to start thinking about those transeasonal pieces.

Australia the winner in Football's International Champions Cup

This weekend brings with it the official kick off of the International Champions Cup (ICC) in Australia. The tournament began in 2013 in the United States and Spain; a friendly competition featuring match-ups between some of football's elite - LA Galaxy, Milan, Juventus, Chelsea and the like.

Sliding doors at Wimbledon... one star fades, another one fires up...

This year's Wimbledon tournament has kicked off with the largest convoy of Australian singles contenders since 1995. With three men winning their spots in the draw through qualifying matches, Australia will see eleven men and five women take the court under the green and gold, and the spread of players is diverse.

Clubs suffer at the hands of Origin

The spectacle that is the NRL's State of Origin is never far from criticism, but it's also never far from success. The last State of Origin game was held at Melbourne's iconic MCG, drawing in a record breaking crowd of 91,514 as well as viewer ratings over 2.6 million.

Clique Arcade Blog
Listen up ladies, it’s time to boot up

Hallelujah, Spring is well and truly in the air! Flowers are blooming, the temperature is slowly rising, and the sun is just beginning to shine its way through the consistent drizzle of Winter.

Why it's time for Rowdy Rousey to take it up a notch

Ronda Rousey is coming to Australia. That's right, the UFC women's bantamweight champion will head down under for UFC 193, which will be held at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium November 14th. With the main event of the card, welterweight champion Robbie Lawler defending his title against Carlos Condit cancelled due to a Lawler thumb injury, Rousey was the obvious choice.

The Sea Eagles are flying towards NRL finals

They haven't missed a final series for ten years. Don't let their tumultuous season fool you, Manly are certainly going to make it eleven. And if Manly are to go the distance and scrape through into finals footy, it will mark the biggest comeback from a club in NRL history.

Filtered Media
The curious case of the shrinking screen

Filtered Media's content assistant, Samantha Waterworth, recently attended AIMIA's forum on 'The Future of Digital Publishing,' where a vast array of industry leaders offered their insights on the tumultuous world of online content. She shares her thoughts from the day, where leading digital publishers highlighted a growing trend...

Women's World Cup comes a long way, but a long way to go

This year's FIFA Women's World Cup has closed with a bang with the USA defeating Japan in an awe-inspiring 5-2 showdown. The final received the highest broadcast ratings of any soccer match, men's or women's, aired in the USA, with an incredible 25.4 million viewers tuning in.

Can the USA go all the way in Women's World Cup?

The USA have pulled out an outstanding performance against the World's no.1 in Germany to earn their shot at claiming the Women's World Cup. Playing in front of a chorusing 51,126 of mostly USA supporters at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada, the USA put on an exciting and dominant performance to close out the semi-final match with a comfortable 2-0 scoreline.

Where will Kieran Foran's future lie?

Parramatta's woes surrounding the Foran fiasco looks set to continue after Kieran Foran's manager Paul Sutton met with the NRL's salary cap auditor, Jamie L'Oste Brown, at League Central on Wednesday this week.

Women's World Cup QF Preview - Australia vs Japan

If there was ever a time to throw your support behind the Matildas, it's now. What began as the "group of death" - drawn up against the likes of the USA, Nigeria and Sweden - has quickly progressed into the tournament of death for the Matildas, who will meet Japan in their quarter finals clash this Sunday at 6AM (AEST).

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