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Samantha O'Rourke

Recent Pace University graduate with a degree in communications. I have experience in public relations, major event planning, social media and marketing. My strong creative content skills allow me to optimize social media campaigns yielding excellent results. I have a proven ability to work well on teams and independently, strong written skills and am enthusiastic self starter with strong drive to excel.

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Press Release: Puerto Rico Hope in the Dark

Press release that was written in my public relations campaigns course and sent out to the local public advertising the 2018 student documentary Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark. Press releases were also made for the NYC premiere of the film and post premiere press releases were also sent out.

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Pace Doc's Jacob Burns Film Center Premiere 2018 Reputation Analysis

Created in my public relations campaigns course, this presentation outlined the background of the Pace University student documentary course and explained the course of action needed to put together a successful two night premiere event for the 2018 film Puerto Rico Hope in the Dark

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Creative Brief for the Pace Chronicle

Our creative brief explains how we will achieve our goal of recruiting students to join the Pace Chronicle team as videographers through the use of various types of media. The creative brief was one element of a group project completed during the fall 2018 semester in my writing for advertising course.

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Wienerschnizel Media Plan

Media plan for hot dog company Wienerschnizel created in my media planning and buying course.

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Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark

Pictures from the student documentary premiere of "Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark". I worked within my event planning and public relations campaigns classes to put the New York City and Pleasantville premiere together.

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Delta Airlines Media Kit

Created a media kit for Delta Airlines to advertise their new uniforms. The media kit includes: a press release, cover letter, logo page, backgrounder and brochure.

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Live Like A God Campaign

Worked in a team to create a campaign to increase tourism to the Greek islands of Santorini, Rhodes, Crete and Mykonos

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