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PR & Communications professional currently working in the B2B tech space; helping brands and organisations build their profiles and connect with target audiences through strategic media relations, analyst relations, influencer relations and public affairs.

Mobile News
Ofcom service rebuke - communications service providers must be more proactive

[MaxContact] UK regulator, Ofcom, recently warned that the quality of service provided by Britain's communications service providers has shown no signs of improvement this year. Businesses need to being adopting a proactive approach to customer service to better support and retain valuable customers.

Hotel Tech Vendor Mews Launches Investment Arm

[Mews] Salesforce-backed Mews has launched a dedicated investment arm called Mews Ventures. The company, which provides enterprise software to hotels with what's commonly known as a property management system, or PMS, said it wants to help shape the future of hospitality. Mews Ventures will focus on three areas: transformation, partnerships and product boosts.

Insider Media Ltd
Powerhouse Perspective: Ben Booth

[MaxContact] In the latest instalment of Insider's Q&A series on the Northern Powerhouse, Ben Booth, chief executive of customer engagement technology company MaxContact, discusses what the initiative means to him, how the pandemic has changed the North's economy, and the importance of skills and education.

Great Resignation is swapped for the Great Return

[iCIMS] The future of the office has been a hotly debated topic by politicians and business leaders alike. Some are strident in their belief that the office is dead, but according to new research*, 70% of the U.K. workforce are working on-site, with a third (31%) preferring to be there full time.

Employees are more loyal than ever

[iCIMS] Research by iCIMS found that 87% of 1,000 UK workers and 70% of 1,000 US workers care about the how long they can stay with their employer. Find out why flexible working is not the only priority.

Personnel Today
Eight in 10 call centre workers feeling mental strain

[MaxContact] A poll by customer engagement software firm MaxContact found that more than eight out of 10 call centre workers (83%) feel the high-pressure nature of their work is taking a toll on their mental health, with lost productivity costing the industry nearly £1bn a year.

Education Business
Digital divide still commonplace in education

[Qualcomm] Southampton University has launched a report, commissioned by Qualcomm Technologies, analysing how digital exclusion is being fuelled in classrooms by a lack of access to devices and connectivity.

Tech Advisor
Qualcomm's new mobile gaming hardware could end the console wars for good

[Qualcomm] When most people think about gaming, they either envision playing on a console or a gaming PC - but not Qualcomm. Instead, the company says, the future of gaming is mobile, with the mobile gaming sector growing much more rapidly than any other - even during the pandemic.

Training Journal
Beating financial stress

[Ceridian] With UK inflation set to rise to 6% or more in April, financial stress is at an all-time high as households face the biggest income squeeze in a generation. Even before the economic uncertainty of the pandemic, the average UK employee was living payslip-to-payslip, and it's no wonder the start of the year is already taking a heavy toll.

Supply Management
How procurement can beat mass burnout

[Ceridian] A prolonged period of crisis response has left many procurement professionals at breaking point. According to Ceridian’s survey, 79% of UK workers are experiencing some form of burnout, with the three main causes being increased workloads, mental health challenges and pressure to meet deadlines.

How to drive employee optimism in 2022

[Ceridian] Employees are optimistic about the future of work, but they want better from their employers. Find out why Ceridian thinks financial wellbeing is the solution.

Reward Strategy
54% UK employees feeling optimistic on work life in 2022

[Ceridian] 2022 looks set to host a whole set of new challenges for employees, as inflation, National Insurance and the cost of living all continue to rise. Despite this, new research from Ceridian has found that 54% of the British workforce are optimistic about their work life this year.

Blue Monday: Wellbeing opportunities for employers

[Ceridian] Whether you believe in the pseudoscience surrounding the third Monday of the year or not, the so-called 'Blue Monday' gives employers an opportunity to realise and address the ongoing wellbeing obstacles their staff are faced with, particularly two years into the Covid-19 pandemic.

Experts discuss EWA this Blue Monday

[Ceridian] Find out why earned wage access is an important need for employees, and why Blue Monday may be the perfect catalyst for changing payroll systems.

One of UK's biggest government agencies re-commits to RPA

[NICE] Earlier this month, NICE-which markets RPA under the term 'Advanced Process Automation'-confirmed that one of its biggest government customers, a major public sector agency in the UK and which it also claims was one of the first significant robot users at scale in the world, had renewed its contract with the firm.

HR Magazine
'Perfect storm' responsible for Great Resignation

[Ceridian] A majority (61%) of UK and Irish workers are seen to be 'flight risks', as a combination of endemic burnout, a rapidly expanding talent pool and lack of provision for flexible working cause workers to look elsewhere.

Sustainability Mag
Vodafone & Dreamlab seek new partner for climate research

[Vodafone] Vodafone Foundation has launched an international hunt for climate change research partners to help expand the focus of its award-winning DreamLab smartphone app. Developed by Vodafone Foundation, DreamLab is a specialist crowdsourcing app that accelerates scientific research by using the combined processing power of dormant smartphones while users charge them. DreamLab-powered research has already contributed to COVID-19 research and cancer research.