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My love for storytelling, learning, and developing new ideas is at the heart of my approach to content creation and product marketing. I love digging deep into the details and collaborating to create rich and meaningful content that engages audiences and promotes organizational growth.

In my free time, I'm crafting, dreaming up new adventures, and writing it all down.

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Iris Telehealth
How Mental Health Care Providers Can Combat Compassion Fatigue

Quick links Symptoms of compassion fatigue How telehealth helps mental health providers combat compassion fatigue Self-care tips for providers facing compassion fatigue Compassion fatigue during the holidays Where Iris Telehealth fits in As a behavioral health provider, you're on the front lines of America's mental health crisis.

Iris Telehealth
Clinician Corner: Meet Veronica Im, LCSW

Iris clinicians are at the heart of what makes our organization such a special place to work. That's why we're turning the spotlight on the amazing work they're doing every day. This month, we're sitting down to talk with Veronica Im, an LCSW practicing in California. Q.

Iris Telehealth
Behavioral Health Diagnosis Coding Breakdown

Learning the ins and outs of behavioral health diagnostic coding is essential to ensuring proper coding and avoiding any significant billing issues during your patient encounter. Join our Regulatory Analyst, Annissa Johnson, as she shares tips and tricks for proper behavioral health diagnostic coding. Click here for a copy of the presentation.

Iris Telehealth
How Iris Telehealth's Sustainable Care Approach Compares to Locum Tenens

Medical and locum tenens groups often get compared but have distinct differences in their approach to patient care, the provider selection process, and care team integration. At Iris Telehealth, we're a medical group facilitating telepsychiatry services to communities across the country. Our behavioral health providers work with patients and organizations to provide high-quality, value-based care.

Premise Health
What is Occupational Therapy? | Premise Health

Occupational therapy is a musculoskeletal discipline that is less understood than physical therapy and chiropractic. However, the impact it can have on someone's health and physical function can't be overstated. Occupational therapists work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, schools, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes.

Iris Telehealth
Clinician Corner: Meet Erica Picon, LCSW

Iris clinicians are at the heart of what makes our organization such a special place to work. That's why we're turning the spotlight on the amazing work they're doing every day. This month, we're sitting down to talk with Erica Picon, an LCSW practicing in California. Q.

Iris Telehealth
Telepsych 101: Commonly asked questions about becoming a telemental health provider

Remote behavioral health work has many benefits, like flexible schedules, self-care opportunities, and no commute, leaving you with more time to do the things you love. Remote behavioral health work, like telepsychiatry, offers psychiatrists, LCSWs, and PMHNPs the chance to make a real impact on the communities they love, from wherever they are in the [...]

Iris Telehealth
Clinician Corner: Meet Courtney Bearden, PMHNP

Iris clinicians are at the heart of what makes our organization such a special place to work. That's why we're turning the spotlight on the amazing work they're doing every day. This month, we're sitting down to talk with Courtney Bearden. Q. How did you find Iris and decide you wanted to be an Iris [...]

Iris Telehealth
Clinician Corner: Meet Dr. Tracy Mullare, MD

Iris clinicians are at the heart of what makes our organization such a special place to work. That's why we're turning the spotlight on the amazing work they're doing every day. This month, we're sitting down to talk to our very own Medical Director of Outpatient Services Dr. Tracy Mullare.

Iris Telehealth
EMR Best Practices for Remote Providers

Every healthcare organization has to strike a balance between ease of use and security when it comes to their EMR. And, if an organization is utilizing a virtual solution, like telepsychiatry, there are several special considerations to keep in mind. Thankfully, there are best practices your organization can implement to ensure your teams are set [...]

Iris Telehealth
Clinician Corner: Meet Dale McQueeney, MS, RN, PMHNP-BC

Iris clinicians are at the heart of what makes our organization such a special place to work. That's why we're turning the spotlight on the amazing work they're doing every day. This month, we're sitting down to talk with Dale McQueeney. Q. How did you find Iris and decide you wanted to be an Iris [...]

Iris Telehealth
A Healthcare Organization's Guide to Provider Matching

As a healthcare organization, finding a provider who can help meet the needs of your population and seamlessly integrate into your team's workflow and culture is essential. But, how do you find that perfect provider match? That's where provider matching comes in. By working with an organization that delivers provider matching services, you can find [...]

Iris Telehealth
Iris Telehealth CEO, Andy Flanagan, Talks to Healthcare IT News about Telepsychiatry

Healthcare IT News is an authoritative source covering the people, policy, and technology driving next-generation healthcare in the U.S. and the world. Recently, they spoke with Iris Telehealth's CEO, Andy Flanagan, to discuss how telepsychiatry addresses provider shortages, reaches patients in rural America, and boosts patient satisfaction.

Iris Telehealth
Iris Telehealth | How Telepsychiatry Helps Impact Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are defined by the conditions of an environment where people are born, live, and work. Depending on an individual's circumstances, these conditions can create and exacerbate mental illness and make it difficult to access mental health care. Despite these challenges, healthcare organizations have the power to make meaningful change by [...]

Iris Telehealth
The Annual State of Behavioral Health - 2022 Edition | Iris Telehealth

As we look out at the behavioral health landscape ahead of us in 2022, there's a lot to feel hopeful about and a lot to consider. With telehealth's widespread consumer acceptance and organizational adoption, healthcare organizations are well-positioned to make meaningful and sustainable changes. Want to share or reference this infographic?

Premise Health
4 Questions Employers Should be Asking About the Cost of Diabetes | Premise Health

Today, 1 in 10 Americans live with diabetes while 1 in 3 have prediabetes. Largely sparked by a set of well-known risk behaviors - poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and tobacco use - diabetes is costly when left unaddressed. Improving health for those living with diabetes and preventing onset for those at-risk should be a priority for all.

Premise Health
Connected Care+: What is Care Management? | Premise Health

Did you know 5% of insured members account for more than 60% of employers' medical spend each year? However, only 1 out of 5 of these members will be high cost year-over-year. So, what are the common cost drivers for organizations? They fall into two categories.

Premise Health
Connected Care+: What is Care Excellence? | Premise Health

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in America, just behind heart disease and cancer. Common lapses like diagnostic errors, miscommunications, and medication mix-ups make it clear that putting something as valuable as your health into the right hands is critical.

Premise Health
Connected Care+: What is Care Consult? | Premise Health

Every year, employers lose more than $680 billion to wasteful medical spending - a result of unnecessarily high-cost care, poor outcomes, and inappropriate treatment. With 30% of care falling under the umbrella of ineffective and unnecessary, ensuring members get the right diagnosis and treatment plan has never been more critical.

Premise Health
COVID-19 Can No Longer Delay Routine Primary Care Needs | Premise Health

Have you or those in your organization put off healthcare visits during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you're not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 41% of the U.S. public have either avoided or postponed medical care because of the pandemic.

Premise Health
How to Reach Your Total Population with Nearsite Wellness Centers | Premise Health

According to an October 2020 Gallup poll, a large portion of the U.S. workforce would like to return to the office at some point instead of continuing to work remotely. That said, organizations across the country have an opportunity to rethink their approach to healthcare access and provide total population care to their workforces.

Premise Health
Digital Wellness Center: The Gold Standard of Virtual Care | Premise Health

The Digital Wellness Center delivers virtual care to members in all 50 states through a single, secure, cloud-based portal from a centralized care team. Taking a member-centered approach that spans primary care through specialty care, a cross-functional team works together to deliver a broad spectrum of healthcare services.

Premise Health
How Premise Health pivoted to a virtual-first environment at the height of the pandemic and beyond

As a part of an overarching response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Premise pivoted nearly 20 products to be offered in a virtual-first environment. By facilitating care through their digital member portal, My Premise Health, they have continued providing access to high quality healthcare for large employer clients and their populations while alleviating the burden on community resources.

Premise Health
5 Ways Employers Can Support Working Parents in 2021 | Premise Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly challenging for working parents across the country. In fact, according to a COVID-19 Caregivers Survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group, approximately 50% of working parents feel their work performance has suffered due to additional home and family responsibilities.

Premise Health
How direct healthcare has saved one auto manufacturer $6 million and counting

Like many U.S. employers, one auto manufacturer’s healthcare costs were climbing significantly. Unable to pinpoint the catalyst of these increases, the organization partnered with Premise Health to deliver a direct healthcare solution to their workforce. The result was more convenient and accessible primary care, which ultimately reduced their healthcare costs by a staggering $6 million over five years.

Iris Telehealth
The Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 on Mental Health

*ghost writing assignment* The COVID-19 pandemic has left a seismic impact on the hearts and minds of people across the world - whether through job loss, the grief of losing a loved one, difficulty paying bills, or trouble finding quality healthcare. In tandem with these experiences, the state of mental health has plummeted.

Iris Telehealth
Iris Telehealth - What Your Healthcare Organization Can do to Make Patients More Comfortable with...

*ghost writing assignment* Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has become a mainstay for patients across the country. The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) reports the following data: 28 studies found that more than 80% of patients indicated satisfaction with telehealth 75% of people expect virtual care to become a standard part of their care 85.52% report [...]

Iris Telehealth
Clinician Corner: Meet Dr. Jessica Jeffrey, DO

Iris clinicians are at the heart of what makes our organization such a special place to work. That's why we're turning the spotlight on the amazing work they're doing every day. This month, we're sitting down to talk with Dr. Jessica Jeffrey. Q: How did you find Iris and decide you wanted to be an [...]

Iris Telehealth
How Telepsychiatry Can Support an Effective Integrated Care Model

*ghost writing assignment* Integrated care acknowledges that mental health and physical health don't exist in silos and makes high-quality care a reality for patients across the country. What initially began as co-location, a model that puts behavioral health and primary care providers in the same building, but not on the same team, has evolved into a collaborative approach [...]

Iris Telehealth
A Psychiatrist's Guide to Job Hunting

Job hunting can be a stressful process, and there's a lot to consider when navigating your next career move. As a psychiatrist, finding a job that prioritizes your well-being is essential. After all, being a mental health professional is tough, and provider burnout is a serious issue affecting 78% of psychiatrists.

Iris Telehealth
Clinician Corner: Meet Dr. Marialba Romero Medina, MD

Iris clinicians are at the heart of what makes our organization such a special place to work. That’s why we’re turning the spotlight on the amazing work they’re doing every day — starting with our very own Dr. Marialba Romero Medina.

Iris Telehealth
How Telehealth Promotes Top of License Work

As a mental health professional, helping patients get the care they need is essential to your work. However, for clinicians living in states with greater barriers to practice, connecting patients with the right resources and care isn't always possible. Whether you're bogged down with administrative tasks, restricted by red tape, or frustrated with access issues, [...]

Iris Telehealth
Top 5 Common Questions about Being a Remote Behavioral Health Provider

When starting your virtual behavioral health career, you've likely got many questions - from the differences between on-site and virtual environments to learning about using an organization's EMR remotely to ensuring you work with a population you love. Whatever your question may be, we've got you covered.

Iris Telehealth
Why Choosing a Job That Aligns With Your Values Is So Important

As a mental health professional, you understand that working somewhere that aligns with your values is essential. The mental health field comes with unique frustrations that can make doing what you love challenging. That's why working somewhere with a supportive environment is critical for providers.

Iris Telehealth
Clinician Corner: Meet Nicole Bradbury, LCSW

Iris clinicians are at the heart of what makes our organization such a special place to work. That's why we're turning the spotlight on the amazing work they're doing every day. This month, we're sitting down to talk with Nicole Bradbury. Q: How did you find Iris and decide you wanted to be an Iris [...]

Iris Telehealth
A Behavioral Health Provider's Guide to a Telehealth Career

We know it's tough being a mental health professional these days - and finding a job that prioritizes work-life balance, aligns with your values, and offers the flexibility you need can be a challenge. Thankfully, that's where telehealth comes in!

Iris Telehealth
A Behavioral Health Provider's Guide to Job Matching

As a mental health professional, you understand the importance of finding a meaningful job that aligns with your values and supports your overall well-being. With so many organizations needing a helping hand these days, finding the perfect fit can be challenging. Luckily, when working with an organization that provides job matching services, you can successfully [...]

Iris Telehealth
Iris Telehealth | Clinician Corner: Meet Dr. Isabel Norian, MD

Iris clinicians are at the heart of what makes our organization such a special place to work. That's why we're turning the spotlight on the amazing work they're doing every day. This week we're sitting down to talk with Dr. Isabel Norian. Q: How did you find Iris and decide you wanted to be an [...]

Iris Telehealth
Addressing Mental Health Stigma in Rural Communities

*ghost writing assignment* Mental health stigma is a serious problem that can cause people to opt-out of treatment for their behavioral health conditions. In fact, a study by the Cohen Veterans Network found that nearly one-third of Americans have worried about others judging them for seeking mental health services.

Iris Telehealth
6 Ways to Help Patients Become More Comfortable with Telepsych

While most patients will be comfortable utilizing virtual care platforms, some may be hesitant to fully open up to a provider delivering care through a screen. In this case, there are key steps your providers can take to help patients feel more at ease utilizing this new modality. Please use this checklist as a guide to help your patients and providers engage seamlessly with their telepsychiatry solution.

Premise Health
Connected Care+: A Fundamentally Different Approach to Population Health | Premise Health

For employers, the stakes are high. Right now, companies in the U.S. are paying more than $680 billion annually on wasteful medical spending. On top of this, they're footing the bill for half the population - that's almost 160 million Americans - and healthcare is the second largest line item in the budget, after labor, for many industries.

Premise Health
Connected Care+: What is Care Navigation? | Premise Health

Navigating a broken healthcare system is challenging and can cause some to take shortcuts or delay care due to confusion or unaffordable treatment. In 2016, a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation discovered that 43% of households opted out of getting a recommended test or treatment altogether due to high-costs, while a survey from Bankrate revealed that 57% of Americans wouldn't have enough funds to cover an unexpected expense of $500.

Premise Health
How to Help Employees Stay Mentally Healthy During the Holidays | Premise Health

In 2015, a survey by Healthline revealed that 43% of people found the holidays to be somewhat stressful, citing finances as the leading cause of worry. This holiday season, these concerns are amplified as many Americans are approaching long-term joblessness. For those still on the clock, 40% are experiencing work-from-home burnout that they attribute to COVID-19.

Premise Health
How to Prepare Your Workforce for a New COVID-19 Surge | Premise Health

As a new wave of COVID-19 begins to surge this fall, forward-thinking organizations are looking for new strategies to minimize disruption and keep their employee populations safe. By prioritizing seamless access to healthcare and a convenient approach to testing, employers can confidently stay ahead of the curve and proactively navigate this developing public health crisis.

Premise Health
How Wellness Programs Can Optimize Your Workforce's Wellbeing - Premise Health

Every year, unhealthy behaviors and chronic conditions cost employers $36 billion in lost workdays, highlighting the increasing need for wellness in the workplace. Recognizing that people are spending most of their days on the job, strategic employers now understand the importance of incorporating wellness benefits into their organization's total rewards strategy.

The Nanny Nest
The Nanny Nest | Website Copy

It takes a village and here at Nanny Nest we're in this together. We help ensure your family has everything they need to thrive. With our incredible network of passionate childcare professionals, you've always got someone to call. From our nannies and sitters to our newborn care specialists and doulas, we all share the same goal; to guide and support your family.

Premise Health
How to Set Up an Ergonomically Friendly Workstation | Premise Health

From setting up shop at kitchen tables to creating makeshift desks out of boxes, work from home stations often miss the mark when it comes to supporting good musculoskeletal health. Whether you're repeatedly reaching too far for your computer mouse or sitting in a chair that doesn't support good posture, the consequences of repeated strain can cause problems that go beyond your work life and seep into your daily activities.

Premise Health
The 8 Benefits of a Nearsite Health Center | Premise Health

Given eligible family members often represent more than half of the insured population and account for 65% of claims spend for employers - access to convenient, high-quality healthcare is a must. That's where nearsite health centers come in.

Premise Health
Ways HR Professionals Can Support Campus Reopening | Premise Health

When it comes to employees returning to the workplace, there isn't a one size fits all approach. Every business is unique, with teams working in different sized spaces from high rise office buildings to large manufacturing plants. One thing is certain: approaches to re-open campuses will look different for everyone but having a clear plan in place will make all the difference.

12 Services to Offer Virtually as a Massage Therapist

How many times have you been asked for a massage to help relieve a headache? What about a massage to relieve sinus pressure? Go through your memory and write about every time your clients asked you for advice. What were they asking? Did they want to know how to give their partner the best foot massage?

4 Ways to Keep Your Massage Practice Sustainable During COVID-19

Touch is a critical part of our wellbeing as it helps promote connectedness, boosts immunity, and releases the love hormone, oxytocin. As important as it is, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is making it harder than ever to receive these benefits and practitioners across the industry are feeling it's effects.

Mesa Labs
Avoid The Worst: Blood Bank Freezer Failures

Since 1932, blood banks have played a critical role in keeping their communities safe through blood collection, storage, and dependability. Maintaining the integrity of the stored products is significant, given one pint of blood can be utilized for multiple emergencies at a time. In their 2019 “Safe Blood for All” campaign, the World Health Organization called on governments, national health authorities, and national blood services to work together to “establish and strengthen quality...

The Truth About Touch

Touch is a critical part of human connection, and without it, touch starvation becomes a more imminent risk.

Holiday Self-Care Guide

The holidays are magical and messy. Life becomes hectic as you coordinate plans, deal with seasonal stressors, and attempt that overcomplicated cookie recipe you found online. It's a lot, but it's easier when you put yourself first.

Mesa Laboratories
Your Guide To A Successful Audit

In 2019, vaccine hesitancy made the World Health Organization’s list of the top ten threats to global wellness just as the United States saw the largest outbreak of measles in 27 years. This outbreak was partly due to the growing fear around vaccines. Measles, once extinct in the year 2000, left many questioning how this could happen, and healthcare workers wondering what they could do to restore confidence in the public.

Yomassage Summit 2020: Game Changers

Do you have a vision for your business, but need the tools to bring it to life? Join us for our first annual Yomassage Summit and become a game-changer. During the summit, you will learn how to harness your entrepreneurial spirit and pave a new path for yourself and your business.

6 Ways Your Life Is Better With Safe Touch

The benefits of regular, safe touch are extremely impactful, but not very many people know about it. That's why we're starting the conversation, and science is backing us up. Here are six ways safe touch can help improve your life. 1.

Mesa Laboratories
Industry Guide: Are Your Vaccines Too Warm?

Helping secure patient safety is crucial. That’s why health care providers work tirelessly to ensure their actions support this mission. Though despite their best efforts, mistakes happen, and unfortunately, vaccine storage solutions aren’t often up to standards.

Heather K Cook Photography
The Conservatory at Waterstone Wedding

Simply put, Megan & Cody's wedding was anything but simple. It was full of laughter, life, and dancing. Yes, it was the memories that made it special, but it was the details made it fabulous. So, let's start there. This wedding was definitely not lacking in the floral department.

Can Massage Help Breast Cancer Patients?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. This staggering statistic is why exploring various methods of stress and anxiety relief for patients is critical.

Heather K Cook Photography
Georgia Hot Air Balloon Engagement

Ghost Writing Project | A Hot Air Balloon Engagement Session "This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet." - Rumi When Love Lifts you off Your Feet Tori and Billy's love story was a slow burn.

Mindful Touch™ & Yomassage®: Know the Difference

Yomassage and Mindful Touch are sisters, not twins. Don't get us wrong, though. Both Yomassage and Mindful Touch come from the same family, and each upholds the four Yomassage pillars: touch, stretch, breath, and community. On the flip side, they have distinct differences that allow them to offer something that's uniquely their own.

Heather K Cook Photography
A Sunny Piedmont Park Engagement

Ghost Writing Project | A cotton candy and a tiger walk into a law school party and fall in love. There's no punchline, but there is a love story. It is Alaina and Juan's love story. Ever since that day at the Halloween party, they've been inseparable.

Mesa Laboratories
Fort Meade Case Study

In the past, Fort Meade’s lab technicians were unable to maintain the adequate amount of water pressure needed to keep their instruments correctly operating. The inadequate amount of water flow caused the system to shut down and required technicians to go into reset mode. This process could last up to two hours. Line breaks, excessive use and water line flushing triggered the low water pressure. The technicians decided to use an auxiliary pump to assist the deionized water system. However,...

Heather K Cook Photography
A Southern Wedding at Grant Hill's Farm

Ghost Writing Project | Sunshine, sunflowers, and stunning golden hours are just a few of my favorite things. This Grant Hill's wedding had all of this and more, but even better it had Lauren and Jake. I have been friends with them for many years and it was a joy to shoot their sunny, southern wedding!

Heather K Cook Photography
How to Pick the Perfect Location for Your Engagement Photos

Ghost Writing Project | One of the most common things I hear from a couple is, "Heather, I don't know where we should get our pictures taken!" Don't fret, sweetie! The location can be anywhere you want it to be! Still need a couple of ideas? Try somewhere that means something to both of you.

Heather K Cook Photography
A Rustic Georgia Wedding at The Chimneys at Big Canoe

Ghost Writing Project | An April Wedding at The Chimneys at Big Canoe It was a beautiful spring wedding at The Chimneys at Big Canoe in the North Georgia mountains. It was the perfect wedding venue with picturesque views and rustic vibes. Their pastel wedding colors really complemented the outdoor ceremony.

How to Configure Your Continuous Monitoring System

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable assets, your continuous monitoring tools should be the best. Healthcare environments are complex, and when data is funneling in from multiple inputs, the complication amplifies. That's why it's crucial to create a system that gives you reliable and usable data along with accurate reports that meet regulatory requirements.

4 Essential Questions to Ask When Committing to a Continuous Monitoring System

Ensuring drugs remain valid and blood samples maintain viability is critical to mitigate product loss and health risks. To do so, you will need an efficient, flexible monitoring system that upholds to all regulatory requirements. Whether you are committing to a new continuous monitoring system or looking to switch, you also need to ask the right questions.

Heather K Cook Photography
A Dreamy Alhambra Hall Wedding

Ghost Writing Project | Rain makes spring weddings tricky, but the forecast called for sunshine and the bride, Amanda, and I both did happy dances! Awesome, right!? Well...right when we were doing their couple's portraits, the rain started to pour. Amanda and her groom Billy were awesome and whenever there was a break in the rain, they would run outside with me to shoot their portraits!

Heather K Cook Photography
A Primrose Cottage Wedding

Ghost Writing Project | Megan & Michael's wedding was one of the magical kind for a photographer. It was a cloudy Georgia day and the changing light kept me on my toes and gave the pictures a dreamy look that I LOVE! Not to mention, they chose the Primrose Cottage, an iconic southern mansion, to have their pictures taken in front of!

Announcing Mesa's Channel Partner Excellence Award Winners

At Mesa Labs, Inc. (Mesa) our purpose is to protect the vulnerable. One way we do this is through partnering with companies that share this sentiment and rewarding them for all of the good work they put towards keeping things we hold dear safe. We took a look at the performance of each partner.

Yomassage Meditations

As you begin your walk through the field, you notice a dandelion and decide to pick it up. These are the flowers people use to make wishes. You observe the hundreds of seeds; perfectly round, fluffy and soft to the touch. As you begin your next inhale, imagine that each seed is one of your thoughts, worries, or fears. As you exhale, imagine blowing away all of those seeds, thoughts, worries, or fears.

Lurking in the Labels

3 Harmful Chemicals Found in Baby Products It's pretty crazy that our parents probably ate lead paint, right? I mean there was actual lead paint on their toys. While we may think long ago were the days when toxic chemicals lurked in children's toys and products, we'd be wrong.

5 Things That Will Help Your Nanny Thrive

Let me be blunt. Being a nanny is a super weird job. It can be really rewarding, or it can feel like "oh my gosh - get me out of here - I'm trapped!" and it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of...

Yomassage: The Unicorn of Self Care

Fitted Sheet I haven't had many massages, but my first and last one couldn't have been more different. During my first massage at a commercial chain, the massage therapist told me to get underneath the flat sheet. Once alone, I not only got underneath the flat sheet, but also under the fitted sheet.