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Samantha Chew is a freelance copywriter and journalist. She is currently the managing editor of Meld Magazine, managing a team of storytellers. Previous experiences include social media producer, project coordinator, and teaching assistant. Feel free to peruse her work below!

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SEXtember: Identifying sexual assault and harassment

WHAT is sexual assault and how do victims seek the help they need? With cases on the rise on campus, students - especially international students - need to understand their options. Samantha Chew reports. As international students, our voices are sometimes quelled by the public and ourselves.

Meld Magazine - Melbourne's international student news website
Indonesian actress Carissa Puteri talks new film 'Hijab' and her first time in Melbourne

SUCCESSFUL actress, beautiful wife and mother Carissa Puteri was in town for the premiere of her film, Hijab. The actress had a chat with Samantha Chew about the movie, her impressions of Melbourne and instant noodles. Carissa Puteri is not w hat you would typically expect when you hear "Indonesian actress".

Meld Magazine - Melbourne's international student news website
Defining work in Australia: What you need to know about working here

DO you know if you're being treated fairly at work and whether your employer is taking advantage of you? Samantha Chew gives you the low-down on what you need to know about working in Australia. International students are continuously being taken advantage of, through underpayment, unfair treatment and illegal practices.

Melbourne Tribune
Call for safe spaces for LGBTQ international students

Queer-identifying international students say safe spaces in universities and councils are not catered towards their culturally specific needs. Silje Eide who identifies as pansexual is an international exchange arts student studying at Monash University's Clayton campus. "Different countries have different acceptance of LGBTQ so the people here in university should take that into account when handling the queer community," she said.

Meld Magazine - Melbourne's international student news website
Interview with Rita Nehme, co-founder of Steer North charity

Fancy a cycling journey from Melbourne to Cairns? Ride for charity with Steer North, an organisation that promotes a healthy lifestyle and raises funds for cancer. Samantha Chew caught up with co-founder Rita Nehme to learn more. Family is at the heart of Steer North, as co-founder and executive director Rita Nehme will have you know.

Meld Magazine - Melbourne's international student news website
University of Sydney head tutor resigns amid accusations of racism towards Chinese students

A UNIVERSITY of Sydney tutor has resigned after news of his reported dissent and racism towards Mainland Chinese international students broke on Friday, April 15. Samantha Chew reports. The University of Sydney has accepted the resignation of former head corporate finance tutor Wei Wu, after recent news of Mr Wu's alleged online racist rants broke on Friday, April 15.

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