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Uproar As ITV Dating Show Is Accused Of Sexism

An online petition to axe ITV’s ‘Dapper Laughs: On The Pull’ on the grounds of sexism has gained over 58,000 supporters to date. The petition, led by Tom Zephyr from London, stated that the show portrays everyday sexism as ‘normal’ for young men and women and it needed to be stopped.

The Royal Family - The Real Scroungers? By Sairah Masud

'Let's cut benefits for those who refuse work' read the Conservatives campaign poster ahead of the general elections back in 2010. This was the 'change' proposed by David Cameron for a more 'responsible' Britain and to end 'a culture of worklessness'. But what exactly did he mean by 'responsible'?

Hillingdon Council Tackles Beds-In-Sheds Problem By Sairah Masud

Almost £50,000 is needed urgently to tackle rogue landlords in the borough, according to Hillingdon councillors. Following the meeting last month about budget-setting and Council tax, council members have expressed the need for a Planning Enforcement Officer to address the growing problem of 'beds-in-sheds' - an amendment moved by Labour Councillor Curling.

Rising Pressure On NHS Staff Following National Strikes By Sairah Masud

Disputes over pay have sparked national hospital strikes as NHS workers take a stand against the governments refusal to give workers a one per cent pay rise. It was a first for the Royal College of Midwives to take part in the four-hour demonstration on Monday from 7-11am alongside other hospital staff - the biggest...

Home Or Away: What's Next For International Students? By Sairah Masud

As Brunel fast approaches the end of another academic year, many of its students will be graduating with degrees that they hope will land them their dream job. While it can be an arduous task for any student, it can be even more daunting for international learners who make up 20 per cent of the...