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I'm a freelance journalist with experience covering news and features. Whilst a student I edited the UCL branch of The Tab and I have work experience at The Times, The Sun and The Guardian, with bylines in The Guardian.



the Guardian
'Only 12% booked me under my real name' : BAME performers at the fringe

For Scotland's capital August means the rushed arrival of throngs of people in search of the quality theatre, comedy and performance arts on offer as part of Edinburgh's month-long festival fringe. Billed as the biggest arts festival in the world, the fringe offers thousands of different shows with plenty to cater for almost any taste you might imagine.

the Guardian
Jokes about Tourette syndrome can be funny. It's just that most aren't

'I keep randomly shouting out 'broccoli' and 'cauliflower' - I think I might have Florets." This one-liner from the Swedish comedian Olaf Falafel was voted the funniest joke of the Edinburgh fringe. It is also the only joke about Tourette syndrome that has ever made me laugh.

I'm Indian, I don't think white people wearing bindis is offensive

Recently I read the article ' How to go travelling this summer without being a colonialist dickhead'. Reading it, I couldn't help but cringe. Apparently one of the key ways to avoid being a dick is to not 'get mad if you can't find a Pret'; I naturally found myself wondering who on earth would expect to find a Pret on a rural volunteering trip.

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"Do they know it's Christmas": Can cultured meat really feed the world?

On August 5th 2013, more than 200 journalists gathered in London to watch a burger being eaten. The burger in question was no normal burger, however - it was the world's first lab-grown burger. Costing around £200,000 to make, the burger was prepared from cultured meat; also known as in vitro meat, shmeat, or even 'Frankenmeat', it is made when scientists use tissue engineering techniques on animal stem cells.

Medium - Serena Bhandari
Thanksgiving, Guy Fawkes Night and the dark side of tradition in the 21st century

Here in the UK we've all heard of the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner; an amped-up Christmas meal, with more pies, and in some cases delicious multicultural twists reflecting America's diverse population. Those of us who consume a higher-than-average amount of US media might have knowledge of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.


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