Sahel Majali

Mid Group CEO

Sahel Majali has over 30 years of experience in contracting and construction, during which time he has worked alongside some of the best-known companies and private individuals and his work has been recognised with numerous industry awards.

An engineering expert, Majali first graduated in 1984, achieving a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University College London. The next year, Majali moved to the United States of America to continue his studies, gaining an M.E.A. – having majored in Construction Management – from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

In 1991 Majali established the company Mid Contracting Jordan, which focused on dynamic development, construction and investment. Majali has received several awards for his work in the Hashemite Kindom of Jordan, including the Order of Independence, Grade 3, and the King Abdullah Award for Excellence.

During a long career in the construction industry, Majali developed an in-depth knowledge of construction management and new construction technologies, which culminated in the founding of the Mid Group in 2014.

Sahel Majali is the founder and Chairman of the Mid Group, one of the UK’s fasting growing and multi-national dynamic construction, development and investment companies.

In his role as Chairman, Sahel Majali presides over the Mid Group’s boards, overseeing the company’s development with the aim of becoming the best contractor in the United Kingdom. The Mid Group is based in the Middle East as well as in the UK, and the company is dedicated to providing maximum value for its partners and clients.

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First Offsite Panels Arrive at Longfield Crescent - Mid Group Blog

The first offsite panels have arrived at our site at Longfield Crescent, Lewisham. These panels are being used to deliver new homes for Lewisham Homes and their residents. The new homes are able to be erected in one day each, delivering a watertight structure that can then have internal fixtures and fittings applied.

Sahel Majali
Sahel Majali discusses the state of the market - Sahel Majali

I've been asked by a number of clients, suppliers and consultants recently about the state of the market. There has been mixed news from various industries of late, Brexit and other events that have left many wondering what is happening in construction, writes Sahel Majali.

Sahel Majali
Sahel Majali reviews the impact of Brexit so far - Sahel Majali

We are now several weeks past the Brexit vote and the impacts of the decision are starting to be felt and understood by businesses up and down the UK, writes Sahel Majali. Many consumer-focused businesses seem to have been minimally impacted, with few people changing their day-to-day routines and purchasing.

Sahel Majali
Construction Skills Shortage in 2016 - Sahel Majali

At Mid Group, we've grown as a flexible and dynamic, multi-national organisation. As a company with 25 years' of experience in the construction, engineering and property sector, we've grown steadily to become one of the industry's most effective and efficient companies. One which provides work for a large number of people.

Sahel Majali
Spotlight on Sterling Living - Sahel Majali

At Mid Group, our aim has always been to work with innovative clients and partners to deliver the best quality work possible. As a multi-national organisation, we concentrate strongly on consistency, and endeavour to produce results, no matter the location or project. Property and construction development at Mid Group has always been a key part of our services.

Sahel Majali
Sahel Majali Discusses Mid Consulting - Sahel Majali

In the construction and engineering industry, a lot of weight is put on the importance of the build - after all, the site and physical side of a project is what's seen after everything is done and dusted.

Sahel Majali
Middle East Construction Job Figures - Sahel Majali

New figures have shown the team here at Mid Group that Middle East Construction firms are set to create more jobs during the next six months. Middle East Construction jobs are set to rise, writes Sahel Majali. With 25 years' worth of experience, Mid Group has become a thought-leader for the Middle East construction industry.

Sahel Majali
Sahel Majali Discusses BIM - Sahel Majali

In 2015, modern construction is a thriving and highly rewarding industry. Across the world - from property development to construction investment - the standard of work in the built environment is ever-rising. And this is no doubt due to the recent advances in construction technology - such as the MID Group's application of the BIM process.

Sahel Majali
Public & Private sector partnerships remain vital to economy - Sahel Majali

According to the OECD, unless the UK hits its annual target of investing 3.5 per cent of GDP in infrastructure, our quality of life will suffer as the growing population will be deprived of the resources it needs to keep the economy growing, writes Sahel Majali, As someone who has

Sahel Majali
Mid Contracting MENA - Sahel Majali Converses

The Middle East has always held great importance to the Mid Group and the work we do. And in 2016, things are no different. Mid Group founder Sahel Al Majali introduces Mid Group's dedicated Contracting division in the Middle East, Mid Contracting MENA.

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Mid Group working with Lewisham Homes to deliver affordable homes

The Mid Group are delighted to be working with Lewisham Homes, delivering 27 new homes for residents of the London Borough of Lewisham. Utilising the latest off-site construction methods, Mid Group are currently delivering 14 apartments and 13 houses, with residents due to be moving in to the new homes in early 2017.

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Mid Group working with Brighton 3Ts on Major Hospital Redevelopment - Mid Group Blog

The Mid Group is delighted to be appointed by the Brighton 3Ts redevelopment to work on a major hospital redevelopment over the next nine years. Mid Contracting and Consulting have been selected by Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust ("the Trust") and Turner and Townsend to act as Project Manager in respect of the redevelopment of the ...

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Work for the Mid Group - Mid Group Jobs - Mid Group Blog

Following some recent contract wins and shortlistings on a number of exciting new projects, the Mid Group are looking for new staff across all disciplines. As a young business in the UK, we are looking for dynamic people to join our business, who will not only help in the delivery of our existing projects, but ...

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Mid Group on the Move - Mid Group Blog

The Mid Group are delighted to be on the move to bigger offices in East London. Following a number of contract wins, a growing team and an exciting pipeline of project opportunities, the Mid Group needed more space. We have moved to Barking town centre, in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham.

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The Mid Group is Recruiting a New Financial Controller - Mid Group Blog

The Mid Group are recruiting for a new financial controller to take over the day to day reporting requirements of the business. As a growing business, and following a number of recent contract wins, we need someone to join the team. As a growing business, we need someone who is dynamic and who is able ...