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A writer and content marketer, I have worked on content for over 1000 individual clients.

'Sahail is a great writer and I enjoy working with him. He's very responsive, flexible, creative and can be relied on to contribute with some great blog content.'

Marko Saric, Locowise.

Blog posts that bring authority, Web copy that sells, whatever your marketing needs for your business, I'll make it happen.

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My Trading Skills
Check Out The 11 Best Forex Traders of All Time - My Trading Skills

However, some people still make fortunes. Their stories are incredible, as well as inspiring. We take a look at some of the very best and most accomplished forex traders in history. These are the big guys, the pioneers... ...and we'll start with the biggest.

Business and Finance

20 Dark Truths About Call Of Duty We Really Didn't Want To Know

Call of Duty is one of those games that nearly every gamer has tried. A huge success, the series has been delighting armchair marines for years. And there is simply no better way to spend an afternoon than being verbally abused by an eight year old while trying for a streak.

My Trading Skills
Trading Psychology: How To Control Emotions While Trading - My Trading Skills

Trading is not what most people think it is. The Hollywood version of trading, where huge sums of money are made effortlessly by smiling traders in a matter of seconds, can often seem alien to anyone who trades for real. It's also changed structurally too, with trading now making a huge impact online.

Impact Tutors Blog
Is home tutoring the way ahead for your child? - Impact Tutors Blog

You may have considered it already, or you may not have given it a second thought, but home tutoring is becoming a very popular and effective way of helping children get the best out of their education. It is, however, largely misunderstood by parents.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

We all know it's not easy being an entrepreneur. The hours are long and the pay (at least until you're in real profit territory) is measly. However, as long as you don't make silly mistakes and you enter every situation with a keen and focused mind, you will get there.

Impact Tutors Blog
The 11 Best Ways To Help Your Child With Their Homework - Impact Tutors Blog

If you've ever struggled with helping your child to get their homework done, just remember that it's worth it. Young people who complete homework regularly and to the best of their ability do make progress at school. If they work really hard at it and keep up with the schedule, there could be real benefits.

Locowise Blog
How To Make Your Next Sales Presentation Rock - Locowise Blog

Sahail Ashraf posted on 4 January 2018 It's not easy being part of a digital agency. A lot of the hard work is in the sales presentation as you reach out to possible new clients. And it's kind of different for digital agencies too because a presentation to gain new business relies on a lot more than just numbers.

20 Unsettling Secrets You Never Knew About Bleach

Bleach is a very popular TV show, and it has been around since 2004. This makes it a classic. Weird and often just outright bizarre and disturbing, the show has gone from strength to strength, with a dedicated and happy fanbase.

The Simon and Garfunkel Sales Method: The Best Way to Sell

If you have ever stood in front of a team of decision-makers and suddenly froze up, you will know the impact of fear and nerves on the process of selling. Whether it's sustained business or just a nice comission, there's always a lot riding on a sale.


Locowise Blog
Louise Delage: An Instagram Masterclass For Brands - Locowise Blog

Sahail Ashraf posted on 12 October 2016 Nothing on social media is ever easy. And it all takes a ton of work. These words may be universally accepted by most social media managers on the planet, but every now and then there is an exception to the rule.

Locowise Blog
4 Things Brands Should Never Post On Social Media - Locowise Blog

Sahail Ashraf posted on 17 January 2018 Brands on social media have a particularly heavy responsibility in that they have to present a respectable face to the world. Social media is shareable, and people do not expect to see stuff that will go against their own principles.

Locowise Blog
6 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Die In 2018 - Locowise Blog

Sahail Ashraf posted on 29 December 2017 Digital marketing is not as fickle as it used to be, but it still has its moments. In 2018, there are already clear changes coming, and that means that some of the 'ways' agencies are used to doing things could be disappearing.

Locowise Blog
How You Can Avoid These Content Marketing Pitfalls - Locowise Blog

Content marketing is a big part of a brand and its presence online. If it is done right, it will enrich the audience's experience and build authority and authenticity. But if all a brand has been doing is creating Facebook posts, there may be a need to start thinking seriously about how to make content ...

The Gamer

20 Dark Truths About Call Of Duty We Really Didn't Want To Know

Call of Duty is one of those games that nearly every gamer has tried. A huge success, the series has been delighting armchair marines for years. And there is simply no better way to spend an afternoon than being verbally abused by an eight year old while trying for a streak.

20 Unsettling Facts You Didn't Know About The Legend Of Zelda

Okay, The Legend of Zelda. When you think about the Zelda games, you don't immediately imagine unsettling, upsetting stuff. But it's there. Oh yes, it's there. The Zelda games have been a staple of gaming legend for years. Fun and quite deep, they've been responsible for some serious unit shifting.

25 Disturbing Facts That Make Nickelodeon Shows Too Scary

Nickelodeon cartoons and shows have a special place in the hearts of much of the world. You have your breakout successes ( SpongeBob) and your undiscovered classics ( Doug), or rather 'those shows that tanked first time around and then became slightly more popular'.

18 Dark Secrets About He-Man You Really Don't Want To Know

He-Man is a legend. The TV show was a popular favourite in the 1980s, and everyone who was around at that time will have a favourite episode or line from the saga. Then Dolph Lundgren shattered everyone's childhoods by appearing in the live-action movie version. You either get over that, or you don't.

Overwatch: 20 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Tracer

Tracer is part of a phenomenally successful game. Overwatch has sold millions and continues to entrance gamers around the world with its colourful graphics, incredibly fast gameplay and ultra-realistic combat. It's also a game where you can't really aim properly unless you play the sniper. It's not just a pretty game, either.

15 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Cell From Dragon Ball Z

If you were never really concerned with the events of the twisted universe that is and more kitsch than pretty much anything else on the planet, it has never had the widest audience. But that's no bad thing when it comes to the series itself. Throughout its Dragon Ball Z then you are not alone.

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Play nice with your content marketing

In these content marketing heavy times, it is important that companies don't just 'add to the noise'. It's easy to do. Take the company that talks about itself all the time. On twitter it can't stop updating with news about its latest clients, office gossip, and anything else that makes it's loyal fans happy.

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FitCoin: A New Cryptocurrency You Earn by Working Out

Last year, we saw cryptocurrencies break into mainstream news media with the launch of the ' Coinye West' Bitcoin. The currency, originally slated for release in January last year, was shuttered after the Kanye West decided it was a copyright infringement to have his face on the promotional material surrounding Coinye West's launch.

Times Educational Supplement

The boys are back in town

Experiment was the key to getting bored boys fully involved in English lessons, discovered new teacher Sahail Ashraf I woke up to the problem during my teaching practice. One day I planned an interesting lesson on Romeo and Juliet - the class and I were going to indulge in a role-playing exercise.

First encounters

Sahail Ashraf on the horrors of parents' evening It is Monday morning, first period, and the class is quiet and absorbed. Perhaps they've spotted the head watching from the corridor? Or maybe the've all developed a headache? No, they are smiling, wearing the beatific look of the conscientious student.


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How To Create Video Content That Even Mark Zuckerberg Will Like

Okay, who is the most influential and powerful person on social media these days? That's right, Mr Zuckerberg. He is widely respected, and brutally honest about the state of social media. This is because he basically made it what it is today. And in addition to all of this, his personality also includes a huge amount of intelligence.

Business 2 Community
How To Reward A Social Media Influencer

Everyone knows the value a brand can see when influencer marketing becomes integral to how they operate. Get the right people involved and you have the chance to pull together a marketing juggernaut, evangelists who work hard and come complete with their own set of followers.

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I n d e p e n d e n t C r e a t i v e D e s i g n Would you like more clients? The biggest challenge for small to medium sized businesses today is being found, and then being contacted.

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International Health Insurance | Expat Insurance | William Russell

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The 'miserable' Radiohead lead British invasion of Hall of Fame nominations

On Thursday 5th October the nominees for #The Rock & Roll #Hall Of Fame 2018 were announced, and there are a few British artists on the list. Nominations included #Kate Bush (a huge music star in the 1970s and a respected artist today) and Radiohead, a band that has often been characterised as ' miserable'.