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NBC News
Opinion | "Survivor" finale overshadowed by reality TV's struggle with sexual misconduct

Here at the end of this decade, even the most avid watchers of reality television are well aware that the shows that they faithfully follow are not accurate, unimpeded presentations of real events. From slice-of-life shows to competition series, reality TV is crafted and shaped by everyone from the production crew to network executives.

Why The Master's Return Changes Everything on DOCTOR WHO

Maybe you parsed it out when former agent "O" (Sacha Dhawan) tempted Graham (Bradley Walsh) with his "research" on the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) or when he suggested tracing those mysterious beings of light back to their "spymaster." But the Doctor herself doesn't realize that the Master has returned to Doctor Who until it's almost too late.

The Most Romantic Movie Of 2019 Is A Period Drama Without A Man In Sight

The year's most romantic film is getting in just under the wire. Portrait of a Lady on Fire , which has already awed festival audiences, hit select theaters on Dec. 6 before a more widespread run on February 14, bringing with it a fresh period sensibility, a slow-burn love affair, and an almost utopian vision of women living outside of the influence of men.

House Beautiful
How Knives Out's Set Decorator Created the Perfect Mystery House

How would a wealthy and prolific mystery author decorate his home? It was the job of Knives Out set decorator David Schlesinger to figure that out. The box office hit whodunnit (and Oscars hopeful) takes place mostly inside the quirky and macabre home of novelist Harlan Thrombey, played by Christopher Plummer.

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My One Direction Fandom Is Stronger Than Ever - Even Though I'm 35

It's June 2018, and I'm standing on the floor of the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, almost 200 miles from where I live. My best friend since high school is right next to me. We're covered in glitter and two beers in. The pre-show mix has...

Why 'Will & Grace' Is The Perfect Show For Anyone Who Has No Chill

I'm the kind of person who gets shushed. It's never been easy for me to tone down my reaction to the world, sometimes to the irritation of people around me. But when Will & Grace returns to TV on Sept. 28, I'll be reunited with the characters and the...


Is 2017 The Year of the MaleCrimp?

And they're finding that sawtooth curls are extremely versatile. With a three-piece suit, they're refined and chic. With cashmere joggers and a soft tee, they're ruffled and casual. With a patterned button-down and black jeans, they're wild and romantic. These unique waves go from the boardroom to the cocktail lounge to the one-on-one Netflix night, all without falling flat.

The Creators Project
Two Performance Artists Share Their Creative Philosophies | The Creators Project

Photos by Alex Welsh With opportunities and obligations pulling from all sides, working artists have the difficult task of staying present, authentic, and productive at the same time. Camille Harris is a stand-up comedian and a musician who writes and performs both serious and "silly" jazz. Her newest EP, , is of the former.

Entertainment Weekly

'Gotham' recap: 'Mad City: Anything for You'

Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown, and all that. Oswald Cobblepot can't even enjoy his little victory party without being the target of several overlapping schemes. That said, it was awfully fun to get most of our cast in a room together, even if the floor of that room ended up showered in blood and broken glass.

Entertainment Weekly's EW.com
'Castle' recap: Academia is so cut-throat these days

No, Castle fans, you didn't accidentally tune into a syndicated rerun tonight. "PhDead" is just the first episode in this new Caskett dynamic, and even Castle agrees that it strongly resembles an old one. A bombshell landed in the couple's happy home in the two-part season opener; Beckett pressed the pause button on their marriage in order to avenge her former D.C.

Entertainment Weekly's EW.com
'Castle' premiere recap: Beckett is on the run, and Castle is in the dark

"Dig in," Castle instructs when he gives his wife her first-day-on-the-job morning cupcake. And dig in, she does. Beckett never has been afraid to get her hands dirty. The season 8 premiere of Castle heralds the reign of two new showrunners: promoted writer Terence Paul Winter and fellow alum Alexi Hawley, recently of The Following.

Head Over Feels

Head Over Feels
I Watched 11 Seasons of Bones in Three Months, and This Is What I Learned

Posted by Sage I currently pay for a full cable subscription. I also subscribe to Netflix and Hulu. My dad pays for HBO Go, and, well. I have access to so many miniseries, event series, reboots, prestige adaptations, and critical darlings that I sometimes feel dizzy with television responsibility.

Head Over Feels
"I confess, I am afraid." - Doctor Who Recap - Heaven Sent

Doctor Who Series 9, Episode 11 "Heaven Sent" Posted by Sage The shepherd's boy says, "There's this mountain of pure diamond. It takes an hour to climb it, and an hour to go around it. Every hundred years, a little bird comes. It sharpens its beak on the diamond mountain.

Head Over Feels
"The curvature of our desire." - Masters of Sex Recap

Masters of Sex Season 3, Episode 5 "Matters of Gravity" Posted by Sage There are forces that cannot be fought. There's science in them, maybe, but not logic. And while some people are confused by the difference between them, Bill Masters knows that science and logic are not the same.

Head Over Feels
"Gary King and the Enablers." - The World's End Review

Posted by Sage It's been a borderline unbearable summer here in New York and I can't be alone in anxiously anticipating the fall. Bring on new boots, comfy sweaters, pumpkin-spiced EVERYTHING, college football, and purposely going out of my way to step on that crunchy leaf.

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