Sophia DeSimone

Fall 2018 J1 Student

Location icon United States

I took this class because I needed an art credit, and wanted to do a fun, online art because I am terrible at actual art, like drawing or painting. I also took this class because I wanted to learn how to write better papers, and I definitely learned new, and very helpful tactics for that. Although this class was very challenging to me, because it is very technical, I learned a lot. I learned that the projects we did, aren't as easy to do as they look. Like recreating an ad, and making sure the lines and text boxes are perfect, for example, and also paying attention to fonts, and all of the other technical stuff. As for the future, I learned a lot that could help me, so if I ever need to do something for my job, I am fairly educated on the adobe softwares. Also, I know how a good paper/interview should be written, and also I know how to organize a paper with quotes, etc, which will surely be helpful in my future. I liked all of the projects pretty much, but disliked how some of them were so time consuming, and not having enough time to finish them on time. I had a lot of stress in this class because of all the complicated projects and due dates, but I got it all done and that's what matters. Next year for journalism, maybe giving students more time to get ahold of using new software will be helpful because I was lost often. Also, I liked how there were tutorials for every software and project we did, and also ready templates that we could use. That helped me a lot and I would definitely keep that for next year.



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1 in 1600 Story and Design

This project was probably the most difficult one for me all year, but I managed it, and somewhat enjoyed it because I interviewed my best friend and could get things done easier rather I interview someone I am not close with. The story part was a little challenging, but with the amount of information and quotes she gave me, I think I came up with a pretty decent interview and story. Also, I think my design was well done because of the pictures I used, and I liked my header I used. There...

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News Story and News Design

I really liked doing this project, even though I was late - because I got to go in depth with some of my favorite people from the tennis team and get their thoughts and opinions on any questions I had, and I think the story came out pretty well for my first time doing something like that. The only think I didn't like, or had trouble with I should say is the design portion because working with an adobe software has always been hard for me this whole semester, but it turned out well and I am...

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Hacker Story, Leads, Using Quotes, Headlines

I liked doing all of these assignments, even though I had a lot of corrections on almost all of them I still learned a lot of basic tips that I probably would never have learned if I weren't in this class, so I think it is important for everyone to know those things, or have some basic knowledge on it, especially for college, when writing papers becomes an issue. The hacker story was one of the first writing assignments we did, and I was a little confused on what was wrong and what was right...

Journalism Basics

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Law & Ethics/Shattered Glass/First Amendment Follow-up & Quiz

To be honest, I did not particularly like the Law and Ethics assignments at all. And usually I find something to like about each assignment we do, but this one just rubbed me the wrong way. I do not know if it was because I just didn't really understand the content very well, or just didn't do the assignment correctly, but there was a lot of information to be learned throughout all of the assignments, especially the Shattered Glass, which I did really like and would watch again. As for...

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AP Style Quiz and Newsworthiness

I liked doing the AP Style quizzes because I learned a lot of new facts and tips about basic journalism writing skills and it was cool to know how to use the book to find our answers. Also, I liked the newsworthiness project because I liked finding and picking apart different articles.


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For the infographic assignment, I liked making the google form for people to respond to and looking at the result but the project was pretty time consuming, and I felt like it had to be perfect, which it still isn't. In my opinion, it still looks sort of messy but the information is there and overall it was a fun thing to do and know.

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Pathfinder, Typography, Dissecting Design

Creating the pathfinder pictures and the fonts was very difficult for me. I had to ask for help a lot of times on pathfinder because I could not figure out any of the technical stuff, like making sure you couldn't see lines or extra white space. For typography, I did figure it out but it took me awhile because that one was more on the creative side, where I had to "decorate" my own words. I liked the typography because I learned about different types of fonts, how, when they are used and...

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Pancake Perfection

This was one of the first things we did in an adobe software, and I remember I was beyond confused because I had no idea how to make columns, how to get any lines straight, how to select and move things, basically anything I had to do for this, I needed help. It was so frustrating because this assignment is when I realized I was in a really challenging class and I was about to push myself to learn a lot of new things, and I definitely did, and I am really glad I took this class.


Hands vs. Feet 1 in 1600 Slideshow

This project was really fun, but also really stressful. My favorite part of the project was interviewing Olivia, because she is one of my best friends and I like knowing sort of "behind the scenes" of her life, and also I liked making the video, even though it was honestly really hard for me to do, it was a good challenge and I'm not mad at the final product. It definitely could have been better, but since I was gone for a week, I feel like I did a pretty good job of catch up and getting it...