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Sabrina Crews


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Public media professional with a passion for service journalism and digital publishing.


Selected Work

Rick Steves' Guide to Traveling at Home and Fighting Fascism

30 seconds into " Rick Steves: The Story of Fascism in Europe," you know it's going to be awesome. The one-hour special opens with its celebrated host, who self-identifies as "fanatically positive" and "militantly optimistic," wielding an ax. This weapon, he explains, symbolizes fascism's brutality.

Honeymoon to Quarantine: Love in the Time of Coronavirus

This article is part of Rewire's Coronavirus: Information You Can Use series. My best friend is in quarantine. What was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime - honeymooning across Italy - resulted in experiencing the pandemic of a lifetime - COVID-19 - and an abrupt flight back to the U.S.

Next Avenue
From Our Readers: Persevering in the Pandemic

The U.S. confirmed its first case of the novel coronavirus in January. Looking back, we couldn’t have imagined how quickly and drastically American life would change.

Unearth Women
A Feminist City Guide to Porto

Dating back to Roman times, Porto is anything but antiquated. Nightlife doesn't start until morning, tourism is booming, and Port wine is flowing. At the heart of this effervescent coastal metropolis-with its crooked cobblestones, baroque architecture and renowned historic center, the Ribeira-is an empowered female citizenry.

Why Your Valentine's Day Fails Aren't Entirely Your Fault

Are your expectations too high? Most likely. But there's more to the story. On a recent snowy day at Rewire headquarters in the Upper Midwest, our regularly scheduled staff meeting switched from work to other things - in this case, the Valentine's holiday.

Star Tribune
Seeing the world: 31 highlights from the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

Gripping narrative films from the U.S. to South Korea to Syria. Documentaries about some legendary creators and critics. The proverbial "everything in between." The 38th annual Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (through April 20) has it all, with 150-plus features and over 100 short films from more than 100 countries and cultures.

BARBARELLA Without Jane? Impossible.

Sabrina Crews| During my recent volunteer shift at the Trylon, I watched a dazed, nineish-year-old boy walk out of Police Story. The kid, a little breathless, looked up at his guardian and, referencing a trailer he'd seen earlier, said, "Dad, whoa. What was up with that, that Barbarella?" Dad shot...

Nonprofit Quarterly
#InstaSwap Sweeps NYC Museums

Instagram is revolutionizing the art world, and Tuesday's #MuseumInstaSwap initiative is yet another example. For 24 hours, museums across New York shared images from another institution's collection.

Torture and Enhanced Interrogation: A Reference Handbook
Ten Myths About Torture

It all started with a simple question: "Dad, what are you doing for human rights?" By Sabrina Crews.

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