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Writer/Web Content Writer/Copywriter/Editor

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Sabine is based in Beirut, Lebanon (1984). She is passionate for creating words that make the viewer feel as if they are stepping into a different realm. She is a writer, web content writer/editor and all kinds of creativity; she could easily tailor your work upon your request.

She began her journey 7 years ago, freelancing. She has a BA in English Language and Literature. She wants to pursue her higher education and get a Masters Degree in Psychology.

Feel free to check out my resume at the bottom and take a look at my published work.

You can contact me via email: [email protected] (Please write in the subject “portfolio”

Or you can contact me via mobile 00096176639824


Fashion Design Brand Identity

Our Story - roubag

The Brand: Fashion, as a whole, is a cycle of trends that comes and goes. However, woman's sense of individuality and oneness shall remain; that is the message Rouba.G wishes to project- and promises to! The designer emphasizes on fantastically detailed embroidery, fabric customization in the Ready-To-Wear, Bridal and Haute Couture.

Beautiful Savages - roubag

The twirls of hard fabric upon delicate tissue along with the unison of strong and light patterns are the precise representation of the name Rouba.G has chosen for the collection. Leather and silk come from two different worlds and unite in the most artistic and paradoxical of ways through embroidered chains and woven leather upon smooth silk.

Ghosts Of The Sea - roubag

This collection possesses remnants of underwater treasures that tell tales of olden seas and ocean life through the ghost-like method of natural structures and embroidery. The whiteness of each piece is a shade on its own reflecting the faded light-effect that underwater life has to offer.

Romancing False Truths - roubag

Lose yourself in the captivating mystery of the newest collection by Rouba G. Romancing False Truths embodies the seductive thrill of the gypsy's soul, intertwined with the strength and wonder found within a woman's mind. Bold colours collide with feminine details creating a mystic fusion of lure and strength, while neutrals take a paradoxical stance in understated complexity.

Escapism - roubag

Stop.. Breathe.. Close your eyes and free your mind.. Escape to a place where daydreams find refuge, where the sun fades colours to airy tones, and flowing fabrics fly wild in the breeze. Let go of realities that hang heavy overhead, and seek haven within light ruffles and layers of sheer meeting lace.

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