Saba Tshibaka

Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Rendered Inc.

United States

Saba Tshibaka, a current senior attending the University of Maryland, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and minoring in General Business. She’s been fortunate enough to participate in opportunities such as studying abroad in Israel (January 2019), interning at Google, Ann Arbor (Summer 2019), and interning with the Department of Treasury (Fall and Winter 2019). At the University of Maryland, she’s also been a part of a number of entrepreneurship-related organizations: Hinman CEOs, Dingman Center’s Ladies First Founders, Start-Up Shell, as well as being awarded a UMD Do Good Center Mini-Grant for her business Rendered. She spent her senior year in college organizing the Anti-racist organization Black Terps Matter. She works diligently, analyzing business operations and identifying customer needs in order to bring the two closer together. She hopes to educate and bring awareness to sustainability, not just in fashion, but in the world as well. She’s a very motivated and execution-focused individual.

Baltimore unrest gives Anne Arundel students a history lesson close to home

Saba Tshibaka didn't realize there was unrest in Baltimore until a trip to the city Sunday morning. The 16-year-old had a train to catch to New York for a college visit, and noticed major police presence on the highway. "I got more and more into the city and there were more and more," she recalled.

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Masked Crusader

A few months ago, Saba Tshibaka was a fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur determined to combat the "fast fashion" trend of cheap, disposable clothing. But since the coronavirus pandemic struck, the University of Maryland senior has pivoted to helping people find alternatives to the throwaway garb of the moment: face coverings.

Bethesda Green
Rendered Inc

Rendered Inc. is a sustainable solution for the clothing marketplace that works to combat large "fast-fashion" companies by vending quality & rare used apparel - and also educating our following about different sustainable practices. At Rendered Inc., we pride ourselves on being sustainable through many avenues.

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UMD Student Laid Off During Pandemic Develops Face Mask Finder

A University of Maryland student who was laid off from her job due to the coronavirus pandemic has created a tool to make it easier for people to find face masks in the D.C. area Saba Tshibaka, 21, says when she lost her job as a restaurant server she sat on her front steps and thought about how she could...

Eater DC
Where to Buy Face Masks From D.C. Restaurants

Wearing a cloth face mask in public is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and, in some scenarios, mandatory in D.C. As part of the latest emergency measures to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered workers, customers, and visitors to grocery stores and hotels to wear protective masks.

Rendered Inc.
Our Eco-friendly Alternatives to Dry Cleaning

Clothes are expensive - and we want them to last as long as possible. That's why dry cleaning has always been so popular. You may not be able to pronounce tetrachloroethylene, but you know how it smells. It's the active ingredient in traditional dry cleaning solvent, and goes by the more common name of perc.

Google Students

Hellooo interns! It's the first week of May and officially #GoogleIn... terns season - when students from across the join us for a few months to work on an array of projects. We know things are looking a little different this year, but we are so thankful to have you on board.