Sarah Ferguson

Freelance Copywriter/Editor

Location icon United Arab Emirates

Working in Dubai for the past two years, I have gained an excellent reputation for supplying great and on point written content on tight turnarounds.

Having been fortunate to work successfully with a long list of varied clients from a diverse range of industries, my writing portfolio includes: business blogs, heavy industry/medical corporate brochures, business profiles, case studies, competition entries, feature articles, listicles, web content, social media content, health/beauty blogs and a diverse range of marketing & advertising materials.

My editorial experience is also broad. On the academic side, I have edited multiple research and academic journal articles in the medical, botany, classical music, and meteorology fields. In addition, as a online dining magazine editor I was responsible for curating online content, conducting restaurant reviews, chef interviews as well as editing and writing features.

Keep Dining
The Legend of Vin de Constance - Keep Dining

Iconic, romantic, notable; Vin de Constance is historical and distinguished. And, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may be looking for something extra special to surprise your date or loved one with. Well, nothing suggests sophistication more than a well-chosen dessert wine.

Linkedin Offices - Acoulite

The solution The industrial-concept exposed ceiling presented its own acoustic challenges and this impacted on the final design. Through detailed lighting layouts and light control schematics, the idea was fine-tuned to seamlessly incorporate the acoustic layout without impacting on the overall aesthetic.

Keep Dining
Gin - The New Wave, Revival or Rebellion? - Keep Dining Magazine

Whether you a serious gin connoisseur or a dabbler with the odd G&T, "mother's ruin" is experiencing somewhat of a sustained revival with its small-batch movement continuing to make strides within the industry. This new breed of spirit has shaken off the "old lady" image, capturing the curiosity of those with a discerning palette.

Prime Hospital - Acoulite

The requirement Our knowledge about how lighting affects the body and healing process is increasing daily. Together with an upmarket design to the standards of the American Institute of Architects, Acoulite worked together with well-respected interior designer, DWP (, in the development, design and implementation of the lighting throughout the project.

Maximise your SME's Business Performance by Using the Right KPI

It can be overwhelming when looking at a comprehensive list of key performance indicators (KPIs) to even begin selecting a decent list for your business dashboard; with the majority of SME owners pushing it to the bottom of their priority lists because they feel they are not qualified or the task of selecting the right ones seems to be a giant mountain which they have to climb.

Everything you need to know about smart homes

Imagine a world where, whenever you walk into your home, the ambient environment is absolutely perfect, not too hot and not too cold, the lighting matches your mood and the fridge is always fully stocked. No more frantic after-work supermarket dashes or fretting about the thermostat. Sounds like the home of the future, right?

Best Hr Software Solution for Small and Medium Business | Hrms Software Dubai
Streamlining's HR Processes

Taking the hassle out of routine is a financial comparison website, that had over time outgrown its HR system. As part of a growing startup, the company didn't have a system in place to help streamline all the employees HR issues. "A lot of manual work was involved, specifically

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