Susannah Hollywood

Health Writer

United Kingdom

I am a Health Writer who is also a Health Professional. I specialise in creating written medical information for the general public which is clear, concise and useful.

My writing is strongly informed by working directly with individuals with health needs for over 10 years. I appreciate the challenges and concerns of patients, the information that is useful to them. I communicate in clear and simple terms that are easy to understand. I speak their language.

I am a Physiotherapist (1st class Honours degree) with a post-graduate degree in Health Ergonomics. I have worked clinically in the NHS and consulted for numerous private and public sector organisations before segueing into health writing as my principal role.

Throughout my healthcare career, I have focussed on patient education and information, finding this to be the most effective way to improve health.

My handouts, web content, feature articles, news articles and blogs are powerful tools that allow clients to engage with, and pass valuable messages to, their audiences.

The charities, health professionals and medical organisations that I write for value my work as an intrinsic component of healthcare. By working together to improve health literacy, we improve health outcomes.

I feel passionate about empowering people through knowledge to take responsibility for their health - to ask the right questions, make better decisions and advocate for themselves.

I strive to communicate with empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence, carefully choosing the appropriate tone and emotion for each piece.

I pride myself on strong attention to detail. I work conscientiously to fully understand my clients’ needs and to deliver high-quality content on time and within budget.


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