Ryan Michael Gilliam

Writing Center Consultant

Location icon United States of America

Ryan Gilliam is a Creative Writing major and Film Studies minor at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. He plans to graduate in Spring, 2017. He has held two separate writing related positions since coming to MSU. First he was a Student Writer at the Missouri State University Office of University Communication, then he became a Writing Consultant at the writing center on campus.

At the Missouri State University Office of University Communication he worked on many pieces to promote students, faculty members, and professors at MSU. He wrote many blog posts and feature stories that were posted onto the MSU News website. He also conducted several video interviews that were posted along side feature stories. Finally, he wrote a few larger features that were published in the Springfield News-Leader, the largest local paper.

At the writing center, he has been able to approach writing from another side. Most days consist of meeting with students and improving their writing over several sessions. Students bring in papers, and instead of simply editing the pages, consultants are encouraged to help grow the student's writing abilities through exercises and advice.


Published Feature Stories

Springfield News-Leader
MSU students study 'mindfulness'

Being mindful is not something that most people think about on a day to day basis, but it is something that everyone practices. Mindfulness is simply paying attention in the now and not allowing your mind to wander during the task at hand.

Springfield News-Leader
MSU student is one SMART cookie

Spencer Martin thought it was a long shot when he applied for a very competitive award from the U.S. Department of Defense. But he can now claim the honor of being the first Missouri State University student ever to win the Science, Mathematics and Research award for Transformation (SMART) from the U.S.

Springfield News-Leader
MSU educator has comic book writing alter ego

What do Superman, Batman and Spider-Man all have in common? Secret identities. Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker all live human lives before secretly donning their costumes, hiding their human sides and becoming these immortal men, famous around the world.