Ryan Berning

Sports Performance Coach

Location icon United States of America

I am a sports performance coach that teaches athletes to use proper mechanics and movement patterns to help them reach their maximum potential. I am also a regular contributor to Volleyball magazine.

Volleyball magazine
Find Your Sand Legs

When the weather warms up, wise volleyball athletes modify their training to transition from indoor to the beach game. Any beach volleyball training program starts with getting used to moving in the sand.

Volleyball magazine
Explosive Leg Development

Eccentrically-trained hip flexibility, quad functionality, glute and hamstring fast-twitch muscle development, and proper muscularly-coordinated jumping mechanics are the keys to vertical athleticism in volleyball.

Volleyball magazine
Avoid the "Inevitable" Overuse Injury

There’s a common assumption among athletes that overuse injuries are inevitable if you want to play a sport competitively for many years. Eventually, your shoulder just can’t take another sharp-angle swing, or your knees are simply going to refuse to land after another approach, right? Not necessarily.

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