Rachael Williams-Mejri

Editor | Content Writer | Educational Curriculum Designer

Location icon United States

Moved by the plight of individuals victimized by human trafficking, I began the first online trafficking in persons magazine, Grace As Justice (now Voices of Justice). I also wrote and published my memoirs on living in Tunisia. Right now I am working on several projects that include social themes such as human trafficking, FGM and forced marriage.

I began my writing career as a child by creating stories and putting them onto paper. At the university, I published articles in academic journals; wrote many essays and lengthy papers; and worked as an editor for an academic journal at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Later I would help edit and publish in French previously out of date work, such as Henoch Jedesias.

GAJ December 2017 Edition, Vol 3, Issue 6

Get involved in the fight against human trafficking! Grace As Justice is a magazine that educates, inspires, and empowers readers to make a difference. We feature content from dozens of both well known and smaller organizations who are joining hands to end modern-day slavery. Won't you join the fight?

VOJ Spring 2018, Volume 4, Issue 1

Voices of Justice magazine empowers, inspires, and releases voices in the fight against human trafficking. In our Spring Issue we feature several powerful voices of hope in the fight against human trafficking.

Voices of Justice
Radhika's Story

Radhika finds herself sold into organ and sex slavery, only to experience an even worst betrayal.

An American in Tunis
Mosaics and Catacombs

This is a short excerpt of a chapter in an American in Tunis on the catacombs of Sousse.