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Plug & Play Grow Opps Make Cannabis Cultivation Easy for Canadians

Ottawa business is pioneering plug and play grow-opp cupboards aimed at ensuring Canadian households can grow the four recreational plants permitted by the Cannabis Act, regardless of more restrictive provincial, apartment, or condo regulations.

Food Desert Residents find Relief at Mobile Markets

Grocers on wheels are bringing fresh food to the North American city-dwellers who need it most. I recently got into an awkward situation while grocery shopping, and found myself trying to arm wrestle a friend for the last available red onion.

Quill and Quire
The University of Guelph honours the Bookshelf's Barb and Doug Minett | Quill and Quire

Barb and Doug Minett recreating their July 1982 Q&Q cover shoot. Almost five decades after founding the Bookshelf - the inimitable and ever-evolving Guelph, Ontario, bookstore/café/cinema/live-music venue - Barb and Doug Minett are being awarded honorary doctor of laws degrees this June by the University of Guelph for "their tremendous contributions" to the publishing industry and their beloved city.


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