Ruby Modell

Writer, Editor, Creative, People Person.

United States

Ruby is intensely devoted to language and creativity. Her passions lie primarily in language-centric practices including writing, editing, copywriting and marketing. She also has a serious soft spot for design, fashion and architecture and dedicates much of her free time to these art-inclined fields.

This Feels Right
An Ode to the Digital Detox

I usually find that I'm most plugged in during the holiday season (cue: New Years invites, Starbucks seasonal menu items, Cyber Monday deals, etc.) but despite my own inability (or rather, my lack of desire) to unplug at this time of year, science tells us time and time again that, well, we've gotta do it - or at least try.

This Feels Right
Creative Habits: It's Time to Get Quirky

In a recent post on the TFR Instagram, I wrote: "I'm really trying to shift the way we all think about learning, writing, being creative and reading.

This Feels Right
4 Ceramics Studios that will Instantly Brighten your Mood

At one point in my life, I might have called myself a ceramicist. To be clear, if I did call myself this, it was a gross overstep and a complete misnomer for what I was: a high school student in a ceramics class.

Personal Essay
Homage to Coronavirus

This piece is a narrative nonfiction work written in the eye of the coronavirus storm.

This Feels Right
The Mechanics of Time

All my life I've been told that time flies and all my life I believed that the only truth to that was that it was an overused, empty statement; until now. Somehow, we're face to face with September when, to me, it feels like April just began.

DBusiness Magazine
University of Michigan Professor Develops 'EpiPen' Injection to Reduce Risk of Spinal Cord Injury...

Lonnie Shea, a biomedical engineering professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, has developed the technology for an injection that reduces the risk of paralysis and spinal cord injury after trauma to the central nervous system. A balanced human body is able to protect the central nervous system from the excited, fast-moving immune cells that exist elsewhere in the body.