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Romona Paden is a veteran writer and editor with heavy emphasis on B2B and B2C. Her experience includes everything from spot news to technical writing. Throughout her 20-year career, she's covered banking and finance, health care, retail, manufacturing and many other industries.

Federal Order Stalls Reform Process

February 18th, 2015 by Romona Paden Just one day before USCIS was to begin accepting applications for the president's expanded DACA proposal put forth last fall, a federal judge ordered a halt to the programs. A federal judge's last-minute order to halt President Obama's immigration reform programs has delayed the application process that would have allowed undocumented immigrants to apply for work permits and deportation protection beginning on February 18.

Immigrants Prepare for New and Expanded Deferred Action

When President Obama announced a series of executive actions around immigration and border policies on November 20 last year, leadership at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) was tasked with the development of the rules that would walk the line between a crackdown on illegal immigration measured against compassion and support for families with often mixed documentation.
Ford and GM offer Kansas City a tale of two subsidies

Kansas City's auto industry dependence on public funding is front and center as the metro's biggest players -- Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. -- are driving in distinctly different directions with regard to area operations. In the balance is a combined 6,500 jobs at the companies' two assembly plants.
Gulf oil well disaster could mean explosive profits for Halliburton

The oil well explosion in the Gulf of Mexico could be a well-timed and profitable accident for Halliburton, the global oil company with the famous connection to former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney. Just eight days before the uber-Valdez accident, Houston-based Halliburton acquired Boots & Coots Services, also based in Houston, in a $240 million cash and stock deal.
Regional plant workers slimed in beef debate

As the phrase " pink slime" dominates consumer news headlines, governors from three states are working to mitigate damage to their states' workforce. Kansas Governor Sam Bownback as well as Gov. Terry Branstad of Iowa and Gov.

Business & Entrepreneurship -
Factors Influencing Merger & Acquisition

Corporate leaders working to expand their market share or brand, or looking to reduce company costs, often look to mergers and acquisitions as an efficient way to achieve these goals. The strategy is a way to bypass the time and resources entailed in achieving organic growth.
Hoenig's contrarian views on Bernanke's Fed policies gather steam

Although the lone dissenting low-rate policy voice exited his status as a voting member of the Federal Open Market Committee earlier this year, Kansas City Federal Reserve President Thomas Hoenig is still pounding the table in his warnings against the Federal Reserve's handling of the economy in the aftermath of financial fraud melt down.
A Google by any other name....

Internet search giant Google Inc. is using light-hearted April Fool's Day to pay homage to Kansas City's neighbor to the west, Topeka, with a name change to, well, Topeka. The gesture is in response to mayor Bill Bunten's early March announcement of the city's month-long name change to Google, Kan.

Budgeting Money - The Nest
How to Cope with Inflation from an Investment Point of View

Devaluation of money, otherwise known as inflation, includes the symptom of rising prices. Because dollars are worth less, it takes more of them to buy goods and services. Adept investors looking to maintain purchasing power in the face of inflation, then, look for assets that will appreciate in value.

Finance - Zacks
Gold Futures Analysis

Gold buyers come in many forms. Some buy bullion, some coin and others paper contracts. With each, the bottom line is to preserve purchasing power and, hopefully, build wealth. Determining which way the gold market will go, however, can be a tricky proposition. Between the late summer of 2011 the gold spot price came close to $2,000.
Hangover: Avoiding holiday office-party perils

'Tis the season for combining the joy of casual holiday get-togethers with the formality of the office environment. Mixing the two sometimes results in potentially perilous situations that can have far-reaching career consequences. The volatility stems from the combination of bringing together the familiar co-worker relationships in a festive setting, fueled by free food and alcohol.

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The Psychology of Surfing

Andy Edmonds, a psychologist and the director of human-computer interaction at Troba Inc, provides some tips on understanding your online visitors.

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Bank Robberies

What are the trends and how can bankers keep their banks safe?

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Does Size Matter?

When it comes to law firms, local attorneys say it's quality over quantity that counts.