Rosie Driffill

Freelance writer

Freelance writer and blogger with a passion for green travel and eco living. Based in Leeds, UK.



How to showcase sustainable designs and make an impact: Munich style | Antiform

Enabling young fashion designers to show off their final work and make it memorable is no mean feat: everything from the venue to the presentation to the atmosphere has to work.


Mais, Oui! Paris and the Rise of the Ethical Fashion Concept Store | Antiform

When it comes to producing sustainable garbs, Paris' most cutting-edge concept stores have set the bar high. From recycling offcuts from Italian fashion houses to championing...


Dining out in Europe

Holidays, especially to the kind of places where slivers of prosciutto are considered too small to count as flesh, do require an extra few hours at the drawing board if you're a...


The secret to cycling in Paris

Rosie Driffill reveals everything you need to know about getting around Paris by bicycle Vintage Bicycle in Paris photo from Shutterstock With the Tour de France almost upon us,...


How should you give your clients a say in the design of mental health services?

CQC guidance should inspire providers to change their ways, but it's easy to overlook the real needs of service users Guardian Professional, The Care Quality Commission's recent...


Guy Grieve: Why I took my family sailing around the world

Reluctant TV personality Guy Grieve on the impact - and importance - of taking his young family around the world on a boat Adventurer, author and reluctant TV personality Guy...


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