Fatema Husain

A fervid person of letters.

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Writing is a dream that i live daily. A passionate writer i have had a wide writing experience for youth pages, careers magazines.
Although experienced in few areas but i am not limited to few. I am always prepared to read and write about whatever comes my way.
I believe in positive living and share my views about it in my blog: witsnhumor.wrodpress.com .
Come join me my little journey of writing till date.

Positive Reflections
Positive Reflections

Featured It's easy to point fingers but very difficult to peep within and realise our own mistakes. And even if this realisation comes the big fat ego ( in the name of self respect) that we always carry along holds us back from taking the next step, from apologising for our deeds.

Nagpur ki Gully!

Shahid Chowk: What's special about this place is the revolution that began here - the Vidarbha andolan which started from this square in 1972, and left a symbol in the form of Chandika who stands there! Tanga stand: The tanga stand of Itwari is the only place where you'll find all the band baja, the best horses for the dulhas, and the horse chariots.