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Magazine articles

Women's Health and Fitness Magazine
The Facebook Effect

Naturally shy and uncomfortable at social gatherings, 37 year old stay-at-home mum Norlin Mustapha’s life changed when her younger sister introduced her to Facebook. She started to have meaningful conversations with people she had never met. People who, if she had the opportunity to meet in real life, she knows she would not have had the courage to introduce herself to until she had had a few drinks, if at all. (Download to read full article.)

Bide Magazine
Crowdfunding: The silver lining for Australian artists

The Australian arts scene is changing. Arts funding is hard to get. Applications for government funding are extremely competitive, and the old model of the rich keeping starving artists fed by commissioning their art has all but died out completely. Crowdfunding is the silver lining – artists can ask their family, friends and peers to invest money in their project.

The Shake
Music: Nipples, wishes, dinosaurs and sweet stuff

Who'd have thought it possible for a review of a concert to not include a single reference to music? The Daily Mail managed to do just this in their review of Amanda Palmer's performance at the Glastonbury festival, focusing instead on her escapee nipple and wardrobe choices.

News articles

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Pregnant pause in action costs employer $6,100

A pregnant manager advised to 'finish up' by her employer has been awarded approximately $6,100 in compensation. The manager, who had been with the business for just over 12 months, was 18 weeks pregnant when she collapsed at work and was admitted to hospital. (See link to read full article.)

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Employers beware: Redundancy must count prior casual service

Last month a majority full bench ruled that 'regular and systematic' casual employees who convert to permanent employment will have their period of casual service count towards the calculation of 'continuous service' for notice of termination and redundancy entitlements. (See link to read full article.)

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Pathology lab ordered to pay $28k compensation for unfairly dismissing employee who refused drug...

An employee working for a pathology practice who refused to participate in a drug test administered by her manager has been awarded $27,900 in compensation for her unfair dismissal. The employee's human resource officer received an 'anonymous tipoff' that two employees of the practice were under the influence of drugs and holding property belonging to the pathology practice in their home. (See link to read full article.)

Podcast shownotes and production

Linkedin Articles

4 creative ways to grow your audience

Growing your audience can be one of the most challenging things for artists. Here are four creative ways to do it without feeling like an arrogant idiot.

LinkedIn Pulse
What Valentine's Day can teach you about your career

It may not seem it on the face of it, but how you feel about yourself makes a big impact on whether your career or business will be a success. I love this Valentine's Day message, borrowed from musician Sam Buckingham: Be your own Valentine. Actually, screw Valentine's Day, just love yourself every day.

LinkedIn Pulse
3 things you can do right now to better support female artists

March the 8th is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate and highlight the valuable contributions women make to our world. There are many incredibly talented female artists who stop creating because their work doesn't get the celebration it deserves and they don't get the support they need.

Blog posts

Cyber PR
Social media from the Aussie perspective (guest post for Cyber PR)

Australia has an incredibly strong anti-bragging culture. It’s not cool to talk about how good you are, how good your work is, be seen to care strongly about anything, or to accept praise. Many artists create great work but feel they have to be apologetic when they perform or present it. It means most artists are incredibly uncomfortable with promoting their work or talking about it on social media.

Faster Louder
5 golden rules of crowdfunding (guest post for Faster Louder)

When it came time to click “launch” on my crowdfunding campaign for my new record, I put it off. I was scared. Scared of asking. Scared of failing (does anyone out there really want to hear more music from me? Perhaps the fans who already write to me are just being polite?). Scared of succeeding and perhaps ending up with a bigger work-load than I could manage.

Timber and Steel
What it’s really like to crowd-fund a new record: Part 1 (of 4)

Suddenly, there seem to be people everywhere crowd-funding. I’ve just become one of those people. But we’re all still learning about it. I’m half-way through a 30 day crowd-funding campaign for my new record, and even though they’ve helped multitudes of people raise over $10 million in crowd-funding, even the directors of Pozible, an Australian crowd-funding platform, can’t be sure whether my campaign will succeed.

Timber and Steel
What it’s really like to crowd-fund a new record: Part 2 (of 4)

I am freaking out. I’m 20 days into my 30 day crowd-funding campaign for my new record. It’s sitting at 30%, and pledges seem to have slowed to a drip. I’ve been warned it would be like this, I’ve watched Packwood manage to successfully raise the last $3,000 in the last few days of his crowd-funding campaign to reach his target (plus an extra $2,000 on top), but I’m freaking out anyway. I’m a perfectionist and a control-freak, I’m doing everything I can, and it still doesn’t feel like enough.

Timber and Steel
What it’s really like to crowd-fund a new record: Part 3 (of 4)

As I’m writing this, my new record project is 67% funded, with 62 hours left to go. If I fail to get it to 100% in time, I’ll get nothing. How am I doing? Exhausted. Optimistic, but a bit anxious. It feels very pushy and demanding to be spending all of my time (yes, all of it – yesterday I worked a 17 hour day) asking people for things.


Judging Your Breakfast
Delicious dilemmas for die-hard breakfasters at Dench Bakers

If you find it hard to make decisions, Dench is not the place for you. A bakery and café, the freshly baked chocolate croissants, cakes, tarts, brioche and breads wink at you from the cabinet, whilst delights like brioche-stuffed with scrambled eggs, Swiss cheese, bacon and spinach pirouette past your peripheral vision as they’re delivered from the kitchen.