Rosalyn Bulloch

Technical Writer

Location icon United States of America

Technical writing is the great love of my life.
I am a local technical writer in Portland, Oregon.
I have a B.A. in Journalism from Gonzaga University and a M.S. in Professional & Technical Writing from Portland State University.
I am passionate about working with professional industries.
Please view some of my work below.

Portland State University Curriculum
Emergency Room Visits Data Visualization

This piece represents the portion of my master's curriculum that focused on coding skills. I had the opportunity here to research and collect data in Emergency Room visit demographics in the United States. As a final project, I compiled the code that builds out a bar chart with the statistics I gathered.

Portland State University Curriculum
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010: A Comprehensive History and Analysis

This piece represents independent research I completed while my curriculum shifted gears towards looking at healthcare legislation. For excellent technical writing in heathlcare, I belive it is important to know the legislation healthcare workers must deal with everyday.

The Gonzaga Bulletin
Assorted Newspaper Articles

This is a collection of newspaper articles I wrote for my undergraduate work in Journalism at Gonzaga University. I enjoyed delving into the complexity of these stories, and earned one spot on the front page.