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Versatile writer and editor


Either you're a writer or you're not. If you are, then you should be able to write anything you're asked to, whether it's a restaurant review or a software manual. That's what I've done and what my portfolio shows: extreme versatility, wide-ranging interests, and the ability to find the right tone for every audience.



The Next Enlightenment

The Next Enlightenment is a bold, provocative attempt to chart a new course for humanity, one that relies on our ability for self-reflection to reach new levels of consciousness and fashion a new society.

The New Lease

Part psychological thriller, part conspiracy theory, this provocative novel will captivate readers who enjoy contemporary mystery fiction set in international locales, political controversy, and complex, engaging characters.


LUZ, Inc.
Corporate eLearning Solutions

An estimated 77% of US companies are currently offering eLearning as part of their professional development programs...

LUZ, Inc.
Regulatory Submissions

The International Council for Harmonization has fostered increasing standardization of filing requirements for marketing authorizations of new pharmaceuticals...

Press Release: Store Launch

Arastan, a newly established retailer of luxury home décor based in Bangalore, endeavours to bring the history and culture of the Silk Route to Indian consumers through a range...

Per Mile Measurement (PMP)
Service Provision Agreement

This Agreement outlines the terms under which CarPass shall provide Mileage Measurement service to the Subscriber for the purpose of computing usage-based premiums applicable to a PMP insurance policy...

CarPass Information Services
Business Plan: Three Telematic Services

In 2012 CarPass Information Services Co., Ltd. plans to deploy a portfolio of three Telematics-based automotive services...


USAID Report
Biofuels in Asia

The global biofuels boom began in 2004-2005 with the announcement by the US and the EU of policies and incentives to support increased use of biofuels...

Little Hearts Orphanage
Donor brochure

Founded in 2009, Little Hearts has a simple purpose: to rescue Cambodia’s abandoned children from abject poverty and loneliness by giving them a loving home, a happy childhood and the confidence to become independent adults.

SNV Netherlands
How-to Guide on Horticulture

Horticulture is an important part of the agricultural economy of Cambodia due to the rapidly increasing urban consumption of fruits and vegetables.

PriorThai, Ltd.
Feature: Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Have you ever wondered what happens to those pretty little plastic bottles of shampoo and shower gel that you used the last time you stayed in a hotel?


Third Dimension Trust
Infographic: The Global Forum

The Global Forum oversees all matters of global concern. It has the authority, the political mandate, and the logistical means to intervene in any matter where the rights...


CarPass Information Services
Business Requirement Specs

The objective of this BRS is to provide (1) an overview of software modules needed to operate Galileo services; (2) detailed business requirements, process flows, business rules and scenarios; and (3) design of user interfaces.

CarPass Information Services
Promotional flyer

Product brochure for FleetHawk, a GPS-based fleet tracking solution developed and marketed in Thailand.


The Arastan Journey
In Love with Khachkars

I've been in Armenia for just a few days, but already I am in love with khachkars. These elaborate stone crosses - both ancient and modern ones - are found all over Armenia.

The Arastan Journey
Architectural Wonders in Baku, Copper in Lahij

Baku is a metropolis that I can only describe as grand. Its buildings are grand, and its ambitions are even grander. A meticulously restored medieval citadel...

The Arastan Journey
A Day in Quba

Heading north from Baku, the grey, monotonous flatness of the Caspian coast eventually gives way to a more verdant terrain, tree-lined roads, and plenty of apple orchards, apples being Quba's other claim to fame.

Know India
Imperial City of the South

Large boulders litter the stretch of the Tungabhadra river between Hampi Bazaar and the Vittala Temple, as if a Herculean force had cleared the path

Travel Trends
Rafting on the Holiest of Rivers

Having donned helmets and life jackets, and with our paddles firmly in hand, we boarded the sixteen-foot raft.

Swagat (Indian Airlines inflight magazine)
A Heritage on Rails

Few countries can boast as long and illustrious a railway tradition as India and perhaps in no other place on earth has the evolution of railway transportation...

Web content & blogs

Little Hearts Orphanage
Feeding the Hungry Youth: Meet our Chef, Ma Khun

Are your kids fussy when it comes to eating? Well, imagine having to cook for three dozen children and young adults who are as fussy as yours, three times a day, every day, and all on your own.

Little Hearts Orphanage
Cabbages and Eggplants: Horticulture at Little Hearts

Those of you who have visited Little Hearts in the past will know that our little campus is characterised by three green areas. There is a large, grassy lawn in the centre of the facility, which also functions as a small football field.

The Arastan Journey
Pomegranate: Icon of the Silk Road

It was my ten-year-old daughter who first alerted me to the iconographic importance of the pomegranate. At Istanbul's Grand Bazaar she pointed out...

The Arastan Journey
Carpet Motifs: A Beginner's Guide

Nisha's instruction was clear and simple: go and look for Caucasian rugs. My search led me to the warehouse of Memet Bozbay, an affable Kurdish carpet trader...