Laura Varley

Content Strategist

United Kingdom

Currently a Content Strategist at Feefo. Previously a Content Specialist at a digital marketing agency and freelancer for and Nintendo Insider. Writing is my passion.

How to be a truly sustainable business (and prove it!)

Sustainability is a hot topic right now and justifiably so. As consumers' eyes have been opened to just how big an impact businesses and our individual choices have on the environment, brands have rushed to show off their green credentials in a bid to win customers over.

Returns on the rise: How retailers can boost sustainability by reducing returns

The rise of online shopping has, unsurprisingly, seen return rates rise; 49% of shoppers have sent something back in the past year, and this grows to 60% for those aged 16-34. With no alternative other than to buy online, 38% say the pandemic has made them feel more confident when it comes to returning online orders.

Has Covid-19 forced a high street revolution?

Long before Covid-19, the high street was struggling. Slowly but surely, long-standing brands have been closing their doors for good, with the rise of online shopping often taking the blame. Small, independent retailers, on the other hand, have seen a resurgence.

3 major reasons why your customer loyalty sucks | Feefo

Every business needs more loyal customers; those customers that come back time and time again, recommend you to others and wouldn't think twice about spending their hard-earned cash with you. In fact, you'd need to acquire seven new customers to equal the amount spent per visit by just one returning customer.

Nintendo Insider
Why Nintendo Needs More Female Protagonists - Nintendo Insider

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was met with a warm reception when it was announced at E3 , but not every fan was happy with the choice of protagonist. For a while, rumours had been circulating that the next Legend of Zelda could have a female lead.

Nintendo Insider
The Battle Cats POP! Review - 3DS - Nintendo Insider

After achieving more than 23 million downloads on iOS and Android, The Battle Cats POP! stormed onto 3DS, but is it worth its £8.99 price tag? The concept of Battle Cats is simple - you must destroy the enemy's tower before yours.

Nintendo Insider
The Power Of Pokémon GO - How It's Changing Gamers' Lives - Nintendo Insider

When I was nine years old, I never thought that at the age of 25, I'd be walking around catching Pokémon in the real world. Over the past few weeks I've been getting out of the house at every opportunity to see if I can catch that Magmar that escaped my clutches the other day, or to clock up a few more kilometers to hatch my eggs.

Nintendo Insider
Is Nintendo NX A Last Hope At Home Console Success? - Nintendo Insider

Ever since Nintendo announced it was working on a new "dedicated game platform " last year, the rumours haven't stopped. Will it output 4K? Will it be the hybrid between a portable console and a home console? But perhaps the most important question is: will it be able to compete against the rumoured newer versions of the PS4 and Xbox One?

Vertical Leap
Data is not a four-letter word - Vertical Leap

There are two types of people in this world - the creative, and the logical. The latter love data, but for us creative types, data can sometimes feel like a scary word. Journalists and writers are naturally creative, but have our jobs come under threat because of data? No.

Lock, Stock star speaks to The River

Written by on February 7th 2012 By Laura Varley Dexter Fletcher, one of the stars of cult film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, gave some professional advice on breaking into the film industry before the weekend screening of his directing debut.

Review: Catherine - A nightmare worth having?

Written by on February 7th 2012 By Laura Varley Vincent, a 32-year-old scared of commitment, is having a mental breakdown. Not only is he being haunted by nightmares full of sheep, death and monsters, he's also just cheated on his girlfriend, Katherine, with a hot blonde, called Catherine. What will he do?