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Extraordinary writer who utilized ingenuity, teamwork and self-motivation to design and execute complex projects from start to finish. Effective communicator that is able to utilize social media, visual communication, and web design marketing to maintain site for clients and users.



Choosing the Right Social Media Influencer | Social Media Marketing | Motionstrand

You see them everywhere on Instagram, your favorite influencer advertising their choice of boxed meal kits and subscription boxes. It might get repetitive and irritating to see the same identical posts over and over again but if done right - for brands, influencer marketing is a powerhouse and rightly so as it can generate up to 11 times the ROI of traditional advertising.

3 Tips to Help You Improve Your Product Branding Strategy
3 Tips to Help You Improve Your Product Branding Strategy

One of the funniest parts of Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is Ricky Bobby making commercials for random products; many have nothing to do with him. It was funny because it was absolutely ridiculous. While it made sense once you've watched the entire film (he has no aligned branding...

How to Stop Using

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that there were 27,658 Americans who died of unintentional drug overdose in 2007. Unfortunately, this number has been steadily increasing since 1970. The alarming rate by which drugs have commandeered millions of people's lives is not hard to believe, when you consider the effect addiction can have on a person.

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Pathway Genomics
Pathway Genomics Adds Digital Health Entrepreneur Paul Sonnier To Strategic Advisory Board |...

San Diego, CA - July 9, 2015 - Pathway Genomics Corporation, a global precision medicine company with mobile solutions for clinical laboratory testing to empower physicians and their patients to take control of their health and wellness, announced today that Paul Sonnier, digital health advocate and social entrepreneur, is joining the company's Strategic Advisory Board.

Saving the Grand Canyon Masked Clubskimmer - Dr. Daun Stansfield's Mission -

Did you know the Brechmorhaga pertinax (B.pertinax) is an extremely rare clubskimmer dragonfly, with only two documented identifications? What is a Grand Canyon Masked Clubskimmer? Conservation biology is the "scientific study of the nature and of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems from excessive rates of extinction and erosion of ...
Pipette Calibration: The Importance of Pipette Calibration

Most veteran lab technicians and metrology specialists know that consistent pipette calibration allows for greater quality results and saves money on reagents. They realize that being off, even by a slight margin, can create a significant error in lab research. The average pipette typically requires calibration service at least once a year and most biotech companies do semiannual calibration.
Disadvantages of On-Site Calibration Service -

Is the convenience of on-site calibration really worth it? While some on-site services boast about their speed and their ability to produce immediate results - that is not always a benefit. Finding a 'quick and convenient' calibration service may lead to sacrificing your pipette's accuracy.
CAPP Multichannel Pipettes Increase Productivity in Labs -

Multichannel pipettes are one of the main ways to increase throughput and in turn drive down sample costs especially if you are working with expensive reagents. In The Secret of High Productivity in the Research Lab, Mark Beards stated that life science research is "complex, lengthy, costly, and the failure rate high."