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Food Safety News
Why the Crackdown on Four Loko is Justified | Food Safety News

As of last week, the popular alcoholic energy drink Four Loko has met its demise. The Food and Drug Administration sent a letter on Nov. 17 to manufacturers of alcoholic energy drinks stating that they found the combination of caffeine and alcohol in these drinks to be "unsafe."

Home Health Testing
Infographic: Drug Use in Today's Classroom

Research and concept by Robyn Schelenz. Featured as a Top 5 Drug Infographic by Scientific American:

Brett/Robinson Vacation Rentals
12 Things You Didn't Know About The Alabama Gulf Coast

The Alabama Gulf Coast is known for its white sands, beautiful blue waters, and the kind of beach relaxation that makes folks like Jimmy Buffett call it home. The Gulf Coast is more than just your average beach, though...

Adderall and College Culture

For most students, the fall semester has just started and test-taking may be weeks away. But, before you know it, midterms and finals will be here and along with these will come, inevitably, the question " Do you have any Adderall?

Dr. Kal's Weight Loss Tips
How To Test Your Own Cholesterol

This is a post in Dr. Kal's HOW TO Series. If you are in the midst of a weight loss plan or thinking about devising one, getting your cholesterol tested may provide some benefit to you. It's an easy procedure made all the easier by the fact that you can do it at home.

Policy Diary: Four Loko is Finally Going the Way of Sparks

As of Nov. 17, the FDA has deemed the addition of caffeine into seven specific alcoholic beverages "unsafe." Among these beverages is Four Loko, the 23.5 oz energy drink that has recently sent a number of college students to the hospital.

Home Health Testing Blog
Book Review: “Intoxicating Minds” by Ciaran Regan

For anyone interested in drugs, no matter the aspect (substance rehabilitation, public policy, cultural studies, etc.), it seems wise to learn at least a little bit about pharmacology. Pharmacology is the study of how drugs work in the body and the brain.

National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP)
Making Sales Social: Incorporating Social Networks into Your Sales Process

Sales is a profession that requires a great deal of networking and personal interaction. In the past, this could be accomplished over the phone or through travel. We may all be familiar with getting on a plane to seal a very important deal with face to face interaction.

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Landing Pages
Discover How to Transform Your STEM Classroom

Keep reading to learn the 8 Proven Steps that have helped educators across the country enroll up to 25-50% female students in their STEM classes ...and how you can do it, too!


Daft Paragon
Book Review: "Autobiography" by Morrissey

When the publication of Morrissey's autobiography was announced, the collective heart of the news media skipped a beat. A tell-all book by one of rock's most inscrutable, stubborn, and unlikely idols? Some definitive insight, finally, into one of the defining songwriting partnerships of the 80s, that turned out music by turns mordant, jubilant, tongue in cheek, or tongue just sticking out?

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