Rob Langston

Financial Journalist, Rhotic Media

United Kingdom

I am a Financial Journalist for Rhotic Media and have held full-time positions at Trustnet, HFM Technology, MENA Fund Manager, HFMWeek, Money Marketing, Fund Strategy/, What Investment, Investment Adviser, FTAdviser, Insurance Insider, and Niche Personal Loans. I have also written for the Financial Times.

More recently, I have written for Infrastructure Investor, Venture Capital Journal, Funds Europe, The Banker, Investment Week and a number of other publications.

Seeking a slice of the data center pie | PERE

As the world continues to digitize, and people consume ever more data, We look at the evolution of an asset class that appeals to investors in both real estate and infrastructure.

Majority of FTSE 100 execs overlook Opperman workplace savings appeal

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How to manage concentration risk in secondaries | PERE

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Trustees demand protection for schemes as McColl's collapses

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UCU agrees marking boycott in latest USS escalation

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Funds Europe
Distribution: Waiting for change that’s already happened

Change is inevitable, whether it’s through gradual evolution or an earth-shaking ‘big bang’. Rob Langston delves further into our ‘Future of Distribution’ research among fund managers.The notion that tech giants like Google, perhaps Uber, and especially Amazon, will impact the world of fund distribution will not go away. In a recent Funds Europe/Calastone survey, we see that of the asset management professionals that selected retail channels as a distribution channel now or in the future, 83%...


Forecasting a bright future for emerging market forex - Raconteur

Emerging markets have enjoyed a surge of interest in recent years, offering investors exposure to greater levels of growth. However, despite the strong returns on offer, some remain nervous about the strength of currencies, particularly as the US Federal Reserve adopts a more aggressive rate-hiking regime.


Why businesses need to invest in intangible assets - Raconteur

Items such as corporate culture, diversity, talent and brand reputation are difficult to value, but may play a key role in a company's success. Investment in such intangibles, therefore, may be difficult for chief financial officers to recommend to the board when there is no obvious return on investment.

The impact of the pound's plunge on business - Raconteur

Compared with the relative stability of recent years, the past few months have been a challenging time for the British pound. The outcome of the UK's referendum on continued European Union membership has seen confidence in the currency slide as uncertainty has built over the future of the British economy.

Testing times for insurers' portfolios - Raconteur

Low-yield markets have made it difficult for insurers to generate reliable returns from their investment portfolios and increased pressure to ensure they have the right asset management strategy in place

Building on sand? | Zawya

New laws in Abu Dhabi will make property investment in the emirate easier for investors: Is there demand? New laws in Abu Dhabi will make property investment in the emirate easier for investors: Is there demand? Construction is a key sector for the UAE economy.

The effect of Brexit on pension investors - Raconteur

Pensions may not have been at the front of many people's minds when entering the polling booths on June 23, but the Brexit referendum result is likely to have a lasting impact on pension schemes for years to come. The immediate aftermath saw sterling plunge and markets fall, taking a toll on investors' savings.

What now?? | Zawya

A slowdown in British and European growth could weigh on Middle East & African economies

Easing the pressure | Zawya

After emerging as the best performing markets in 2015, Mena Fund Manager looks at the opportunities and challenges for asset managers in the Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine The Levant was the best performing part of the Mena region in 2015.

At the frontier | Zawya

With global markets taking a battering, how have the frontier markets in the region fared?

Dealing with downgrades | Zawya

Home to a growing Islamic banking sector and a healthy asset management community, MenaFM takes a closer look at the latest developments in Bahrain With one of the oldest established mutual fund industries in the region, the Bahraini asset management sector has continued to thrive in recent years.

Tough year | Zawya

While new launches have tapered off, interest in the hedge funds remains constant.

Sukuk it up | Zawya

Sukuk issuance during 2015 had been tipped to reach at least USD100bn but set against a challenging market backdrop.

Market Focus: Qatar | Zawya

Qatar has emerged as one of the region's strongest economies over the past year, as it benefits from a more diversified economy and high infrastructure spending.


Zawya/Mena Fund Manager
Flow away

Research from the Institute of International Finance has shown emerging markets face dwindling inflows as investors move money into safe havens Concerns over the growth of China and the impact on other emerging markets have caused a crisis in confidence among global investors, who have increasingly taken their money elsewhere in search of safety.

Zawya/Mena Fund Manager
Cold Turkey?

The Turkish economy has faced a number of headwinds during 2015, Mena Fund Manager looks at the health of the Turkish market and asset management industry. After an impressive 2014, in which it was one of the region's best performers, the Turkish market has struggled this year.

Zawya/Mena Fund Manager
In debt

Eyebrows were raised when Saudi Arabia tapped up the debt markets earlier this year, Mena Fund Manager looks at what it means for the market When the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency ( SAMA ) announced it would issue $4bn worth of bonds to domestic banks, it marked the central bank's first return to debt markets for eight years.


Going global can be plain sailing -

Since the onset of the financial crisis, the Coalition Government has made export growth a priority in helping the UK recover from one of the worst economic disasters to hit the economy in living memory.

High Frequency Trading has transformed markets -

In a post-crisis investment environment where returns have become more difficult to come by, investors have been forced to look towards alternative ways of generating income. Traditionally associated with hedge funds and specialist firms, high-frequency trading (HFT) has caught the imagination of wider audiences.

Why invest in a social enterprise business? -

Impact investing in social enterprise has taken centre stage in the sustainable and responsible investment arena in recent years. Governments, investors and charities have worked towards establishing a more effective regime to facilitate investment in what has been a huge growth area.


The five most active sectors in M&A -

With financial services playing an important part in the daily lives of the general public, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity often draws a wider audience than just those with a vested interest in the sector. Although the big bank mergers witnessed after the financial crisis are unlikely to be repeated, there is still plenty of activity in the sector.

London offshore hub will boost renminbi trading -

Asian markets are continuing to outshine their Western counterparts as the global economic slowdown shows little sign of relenting. Despite indications of a slowing in GDP growth, China is still outpacing developed nations and achieved 7.8 per cent growth during the second quarter of 2012, outstripping anaemic growth in the developed market economies.


You don't have to go it alone -

Politicians have been keen to emphasise the importance of entrepreneurs and their role in helping the UK economy bounce back, but as a new wave of business people improve the wealth of the country, who will look after their money?

Treasurers hold key to new market success -

Much of the leg work involved in global expansion and international growth is now being done by corporate treasury departments. In its 2015 Global Corporate Treasury Survey, professional services firm Deloitte found that more than 70 per cent of corporate treasurers saw enhanced governance and control over domestic and overseas operations as an important part of their role.

Boxing clever to manage risks -

The 2008 crisis has prompted governments around the world to tighten regulation not just of banks and financial institutions, but of a wide range of sectors, increasing the compliance burden for all kinds of businesses. There are those who believe that the amount of red tape should be cut.

Where's the money going in wearable technology -

Apple's launch of its smart watch made it the latest tech giant to enter the wearable technology space. But unlike the California blue-chip technology giant, not everybody has access to billions of dollars in cash reserves. For startups, funding can be difficult to come by with many not knowing where to turn for much-needed capital.

Bonanza could fuel future -

Venezuela lays claim to the largest proven oil reserves in the world. President Hugo Chavez claimed his country has 297 billion barrels, surpassing the previous long-term world leader Saudi Arabia. After Venezuela, Brazil has the second largest proven oil reserves in Latin America with just under 14 billion barrels.

British bosses must adapt to make profits offshore -

Expansion overseas has become increasingly important for British companies in recent years as low growth and global economic uncertainty weighs heavily on consumer sentiment, and dampens the UK economy's recovery. It has become a political point too, as Chancellor George Osborne has called for greater exports to fast-growing, emerging market economies that have continued to grow.

Commission ban pushes up bills -

For most, the passing of 2013 will not have had much significance, but for those who use a financial adviser there will have been big changes. The retail distribution review (RDR) came into effect at the turn of the year, after years of preparation, bringing in higher qualification standards for financial advisers and a ban on commission for investment products.


What Investment
PROFILE: Alex Wright, Fidelity UK Opportunities Fund

Most investors will tend to steer clear of the unpopular and unfashionable companies and sectors, with many believing they are so for good reason. However, these investors can often be missing out on opportunities offered by smaller companies 'unloved' by analysts and the market.

What Investment
SURVEY: Japan funds

While the Japanese investment story captivated investors for many years, the country's importance in the world of technology and automotive industries has made it a key player globally in recent years. Japan's economy is the world's third largest, behind the US and China, according to the International Monetary Fund, and is almost twice the size of the UK's.


What Investment
An African adventure

While the emerging markets story is now well documented, investors may want to consider some additional exposure to Africa

What Investment
Investing in Art as an asset class

With a wave of new launches reinvigorating the asset class, Rob Langston discovers what art investing has to offer. A number of launches and renewed interest in the area has led to a new group of investors looking for exposure to the asset class.



Financial Times
What's now 'In' should be 'Out'

Staying up to date with the latest trends in the market can be a costly strategy, says Alex Crooke, fund manager at Bankers Investment Trust, who unapologetically claims to be unfashionable. "We try not to follow fashion and that's where you get into trouble - you've got to try and remember to buy low and sell high," he says.