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Rob J Kennedy

Arts Writer, Editor, Author and Composer

Location icon Australia

Rob J Kennedy is an arts writer, editor, author and composer. Robert has articles, reviews, poetry and artists biographies published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Good Reading Magazine, Limelight Magazine, CityNews, State of the Arts Magazine, Cordite, Culture Wars and numerous Australian and international websites and publications.

Robert writes about the visual arts, classical music, books and publishing and also writes poetry.

Robert managed DiVerse for 17 years who were a group of 11 poets that responded to visual art. They have over 30 booklets and performed 70 times at art galleries and cultural institutions around Australia and three times in the Sydney Writers Festival.

Robert has been writing music for 40 years and has 25 albums of classical, jazz and electronic music.


Music Reviews

Canberra CityNews
Review / 'Sapphire' shines like a gemstone

AMERICAN composers featured in the concert "Sapphire" by the Canberra Wind Symphony, and for the most, the band and the music shone like a gemstone. In this "Colour Concert" series, artistic director and chief conductor Geoff Grey offered two Capital Region premieres and an Australian premiere. Beginning with the dazzling work of H.

Canberra CityNews
Review / A stunning sonic experience

SOUND poetry, electro-acoustic, noise, improvisational or experimental music are all descriptions of what Dans Les Arbres creates, they also make a mystical and engaging world out of their unique musical language. The performers in Dans Les Arbres are Xavier Charles on clarinet; Ivar Grydeland, electric guitar; Christian Wallumrød on the prepared piano and Ingar Zach, percussions.

Visual Art Reviews

Canberra CityNews
Review / Two artists reflect on being human

SOPHIA Szilagyi and Madeleine Winch are two artists who create distinctly different artworks, but both seem to draw similarities that explore their personal observations of human beings and the objects around them. There's a strong sense of art history living within Sophia Szilagyi's artworks in this exhibition containing 20 of her fine prints.

Canberra CityNews
Review / Artist Sue keeps on keeping on

"OLD age is not for cissies" is the inscription on one of Sue Taylor's portrait drawings and, after a lifetime as a practising artist who has been selected for many major exhibitions, she knows what it takes to get to be elderly and to keep on going.

Canberra CityNews
Review / Johnson's art captures a slow and pleasant seaside

PAINTING and travel are in Val Johnson's blood. The inspiration for most of her solo exhibitions comes from her love of travel and painting and it shows in her latest exhibition "Colours of Cornwell". The exhibition title certainly lives up to its name with its highly coloured artworks.


The Sydney Morning Herald
There are kisses ... and then there are k-i-s-s-e-s

Can you imagine a life-altering kiss from someone that has just eaten a garlic pizza, or kissing in front of your grandmother, or someone who intends to swallow your whole head and then all the way down to your shoes?

26 November 2005
The Journey (Death) of a Library

The library put together by poet Harold Stewart, poet and co-author of the Ern Malley poems, Australia's greatest literary hoax, is not just another library, it's not just a lot of books collected by someone who loved reading and writing. It's a life force with a story all its own.

Poetry has lost its meaning

Our daily newspapers are full of poetry. On average 16 articles a week appear in our papers with the word poetry somewhere in the article. ‘Wow!’ I hear you say, but don’t get excited too soon!

Rob's Music

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