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Robi G. O'Cleirigh

Content Specialist

Location icon United Kingdom

London-based keyboard basher, frustrated historian and occasional Forrest Gump impressionist.

Committed to creating compelling stories with universal relevance to the lives of real people. Interests include travel, history, running, mental health and breathing oxygen.

Always keen to collaborate with like minded folk. Up for a chinwag? I live at [email protected]

The Content Architects
Twenty Key 2021 Political Events You Need To Know About

Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t gone according to plan. For many of us, it’s been a troubled time of great uncertainty which we’d rather forget. And the good news is – we can! The promise of 2021 looms on the horizon, and whilst the world might never be quite the same again, politics is something that never goes away.

Pre and Post COVID-19 Workplace Burnout

Workplace burnout had reached crisis point long before Covid-19 reared its ugly head. With enforced lockdowns, a huge increase in home working and widespread job insecurity the issue has got even more complex.

Don't mention the C-word

In the age of the digital pandemic, people are realising, perhaps for the first time in a generation, that they live on streets and in communities full of other human beings. Suddenly our neighbours are no longer a source of suspicion and acrimony but of conversation, comfort and security.

Festival Insider
How to research a destination before travelling

Your flights are booked, the festival tickets are secured and the date is set. One problem remains, however. That idyllic destination you've had stuck in your head is to be found in a part of the planet you know absolutely diddly squat about.

HelloHub - COVID-19
10 ways to enjoy chatting online

The last fortnight has seen a tentative easing of the lockdown in England, hooray! As parts of society begin to open up over the coming weeks, communication has never been more important. Here are some of the ways our amazing users have been enjoying HelloHub recently... 1.

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