Robin Donovan

I'm an award-winning writer and editor who specializes in translating technical, information-heavy and complex news and issues into stories that entice, inform and engage. My coverage of health, science, technology, start-up and social topics has appeared in trade and consumer magazines, newsletters, blogs and around the web.

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Batterii software powers business creativity
Batterii, in short, is a web-based, social-media-like, software as a service offered to businesses small and large.
Leap app helps heath-minded competitors stick to goals
Recently featured by Apple'’s app store, the free Leap app was downloaded more than 3,400 times in the first 60 hours it was available.
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Small wonders
Scientists harness the power of atoms

General Interest

That Sign is Fine (Art?)
Are signs high art, commercial products or something in-between?
From Guatemala with Love: Deeper Roots partners with growers for richer roasts
Deeper Roots, a coffee roasting and consulting company, has paired with a small group of growers in Guatemala, whose roasted beans are a Cincinnati coffee sensation.
Showing Off
Local autoworker Ron Georgyi raises award-winning, nationally recognized Appaloosa.
The Many Faces of Etsy
Four local artists who maintain Etsy shops take very different approaches to the online craft megasite. Each small business owner has a plan, but the role Etsy plays depends on...
Carving the Dream: Lasting lettering for the MLK memorial in D.C.
Energy auditor matches property owners with funding, services
When she'’s not giving public presentations about energy efficiency, Toni Winston, founder of Tiburon Energy & Construction, is trying to convince wary homeowners that making...
Two-Minute Tour: London
Taxing Times: Amnesty, audits and getting your finances together in 2012
Demand up, supplies down for the region's needy
During the holidays, Athens County residents with no or low incomes have been facing declining food resources as food banks and pantries struggle to meet the growing needs of...

Business Website & Blog

Place Workshop
Website content created for Place Workshop, a Cincinnati based landscape architecture firm specializing in urban planning and design.

Q&A and Editorial

How I Got the Job: Randy Dearborn
Checking Out: David Milne
Wendy's director for design for North America opens up about travel, fitting in and retail design around the globe.
Bob Gilbreath of Pingage
Bob Gilbreath is founder of Pingage, a Pinterest marketing service.
Julie Jones of Solar Earth LLC
Founder profile of Julie Jones, Solar Earth LLC

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