Robert Joyce

Writer, Researcher, Journalist

United States

Researcher for Innovations for Successful Societies, a Princeton University public policy research program. Formerly a Story Editor at Tunisia Live, a news outlet based in Tunis. Before that: World Policy Journal, Human Rights First.
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Contributed Stories

The Desert Sessions

Deep in the Tunisian Sahara, a music festival is a parallel universe full of dreams, dust and drums

Show Me The Money: Tunisia Illustrates Region's New Economic-Political Dilemma

Faced with high unemployment, a burgeoning informal (untaxable) street economy, mounting debt and the threat of militant attacks, Jomaa, who is an unelected, “consensus” prime minister, must try to prevent Tunisia from sliding deeper into dangerous economic territory as the country prepares for elections later this year.

Al Jazeera
Tunisian Police Accused of Torture

Walid Denguir, 32, left his house at 4pm to run an errand in the Bab Fellah neighborhood of Tunis. An hour later, he was dead and his family blames the police. Co-written with Hanen Keskes.

Al Jazeera
Tunisia's Arab Spring: Three years on

The country is preparing to adopt a new constitution, but its economy remains weak and its political situation unstable. Co-written with Asma Smadhi.

Al Jazeera
Imam's arrest sparks debate in Tunisia

Religious officials in Tunisia are divided over the recent arrest of a Salafi imam, who was detained earlier this week amidst what critics say is a government effort to control local mosques. Co-written with Safa Ben Said.

Atlantic Council
The Regional Inequality Behind Tunisia's Revolution

Regional inequality was and continues to be a driving factor behind Tunisia’s economic and political crisis. So long as Tunisia’s inlands remain ignored relative to its more-developed coast, discontent and unrest will plague its political and economic recovery.

Cairo Review of Global Affairs
Tunisia's Neglected Constitution

More than two and a half years since the revolution, Tunisia still lacks a new constitution-and no one seems to care.

Tunisia Live

Tunisia Live
Three Years Later, Tunisia's Interior Still Neglected

Turning west off Tunisia's coastal highway to the country's interior, you can see the change immediately. Four relatively well-paved lanes narrow to two, concrete road barriers disappear, and vehicles slow to handle the rougher road.

Tunisia Live
Governing Party Joins Opposition in NCA Walkout

Changes to National Constituent Assembly procedure, meant to speed the adoption of the country's post-revolution constitution, have instead led to a dispute in the chamber.

Tunisia Live
Tunisia's Constitution in Limbo

Drafting a new constitution was the focus of national attention a month ago, now this essential issue has been largely ignored.

Tunisia Live
Feeling Left Out in Tunisia's South

Many residents of the popular oasis destination in southern Tunisia feel that the national government has neglected their community.

World Policy Journal