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Hailing from Scotland, I'm a 22 year old journalist/writer that primarily focuses on music but is well versed in subjects ranging from other aspects of the ever-diversifying sphere of the arts to sport and further afield.

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Warriors

A true cult classic in every sense of the word, Walter Hill's 1979 film The Warriors simultaneously manages to be eccentric and of the time and yet remains enduringly fresh and dynamic.
10 Most Important Beefs In Hip-hop History

Competition has been ingrained into hip-hop's lifeblood since the very beginning, with battle raps, cypher and freestyles springing up not long after DJ Kool Herc first birthed the genre. Whether they're the product of macho posturing, perceived disrespect or commercial agendas instilled into fledgling artists by their labels, arguments or 'beefs' have been the source of both rampant innovation and heartache.

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It's nothing but hip-hop: A tribute to Hector Bizerk

SOMEsee boundaries as an insurmountable obstacle, something which must be accepted as a fact of life and a set of limitations which we must inhabit in. Others see them as nothing more than arbitrary constructs, waiting to be mercilessly torn apart in the pursuit of pastures new.
Car Seat Headrest surprise highlight of BBC 6 Music Festival day two | Gigwise

Gracing the stage to the sound of a deafening ovation from fans eager to see the artist behind one of 2016's most critically-acclaimed albums, Teens Of Denial, 24-year-old indie pop mastermind Will Toledo wastes little time in bringing proceedings to riotous levels with the punk assault of 'Fill In The Blank.'

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TTV Talks: Brian Fallon @02 ABC Glasgow

SITTING backstage at Glasgow's O2 ABC ahead of his sold out show late that night, The Gaslight Anthem's frontman Brian Fallon; currently on his first solo juncture around the UK, exhibits the same candour, honesty and sheer likability that come across in his deeply personal songwriting.

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TTV TALKS: Electric Fields' Director on the rise of the independent festival

IT takes courage to fly in the face of those that wish for you to accept the status quo as it is and create something entirely of your own devising. Too many original thoughts and concepts are immediately quashed by outside forces or seemingly unavoidable obstacles, impeding progress and leaving the big dreams that are created in the mind to stay there as unfulfilled desires.
10 Overshadowed Albums By Famous Musicians

The word 'classic album' is banded about a great deal in music circles, with overzealous fans promptly jumping to defend any album from their favourite artist as a standard-bearing piece of work despite its shortcomings being objectively clear to see.