Robbie Handy

Senior Content Writer / Freelance Creative Writer

United Kingdom

When your BIG IDEA leaves prospects as dead-eyed as upside-down goldfish...

…they need a smack round the head with a great big haddock.

Because in a world of beige business blah, the first thing you want is stopping power.

And NO ONE EVER gets excited cos you’re ‘delighted to announce’ a ‘solution’.

You don’t need to be controversial to get attention.

But you do need the right words to stand out from the crowd.

Cut through the clutter.

And make your ideal customer feel like you already know them.

Once you’ve done that, simply explain why your BIG IDEA makes life a bit better.

Easy, right?

If only.

But the good news is, I can help.

Email [email protected]

And we’ll get cracking.

Interview: Breaking Down Walls with Roisin Byrne

We spoke to Kier Group Assistant Design Manager Roisin Byrne about the levelling power of Degree Apprenticeships for women in construction. Women make up 53% of the UK Workforce and Construction accounts for 5-7%. But despite some progress, the Women in Construction campaign confirms women still represent just 13% of the Construction workforce, 16% of director roles and 1% of the onsite workforce.

Off the grid, outside the box: building Telia's Trollstigen Base Station

Trollstigen (‘Troll’s ladder’) is one of Norway’s must-see tourist sites. 850m high in Romsdalen Valley, this remote mountain pass is completely snowbound in winter. Telcoms giant Telia wanted an off-grid base station built here for years. They approached Delta for a solution after other experts told them “It can’t be done”. “Nonsense” we said. “Our team can help.” Now all we had to do was work out how.

Moving mountains - smart electricity for snowy Sjusjøen

Providing Norway’s consumers with electricity supply within regulation is a Galdhøpiggen-sized task. Remote, mountainous terrain and a cold climate compound the difficulties of building and maintaining power lines. And a scattered population makes the business case of larger grid upgrades difficult to justify.

Days Out
Days Out In West Dunbartonshire | Days Out

Anything else to see in and around West Dunbartonshire? Yes indeed. How about a 13th century castle plonked on top of a 334 million year old volcano? Or a sculpture to a missing Roman Legion? And don’t forget Overtoun Bridge, which dogs have been jumping off since the 1960’s. Best leave Rover at home then.

ARU Distance Learning
ARU Ready?

Change your career with an online degree. Study flexibly when and where it suits, because real life doesn’t fit into a timetable.

True Word
5 reasons SEO isn't boring AF | True Word blog

Time to fess up. Outside of work there are loads of things I'd much rather do than read about SEO. However, although the technical elements of SEO can be as dry as a sandpaper sandwich in the Sahara, some aspects are pretty cool and it can get some cracking results for your business.