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Musical Family Tree

REVIEW: Caleb McCoach - Songs From An Empty Shore

(Listen while you read!) Depression and loneliness are two rare words in the English language, definable only to those that have known their company. They manifest differently...

Musical Family Tree

One Release at a Time: The Rise of Local Micro-Labels

More and more musicians are pressing independent releases these days. They're forking over their own cash to fund albums that would otherwise never have seen the light of day....

Musical Family Tree

Indiana Music Archive: Phil Reavis

Earlier this year, I wrote about an oddball collection of experimental home recordings from a mid-1980s Muncie four-piece called Three Black Shoes. The group was an offshoot of...

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The Good Ones Clothing Co. Builds Brand around Band

The Final Hurrahs MFT Page (Listen while you read) The lines that define acceptable use of creative property blurred long ago. In the years since the legal and public backlash...

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EP IN A WEEKEND #4: Meta Monk

SmallBox and Musical Family Tree Present: (Listen while you read!) For EP in a Weekend #4, MFT founder Jeb Banner selected drummer Devon Ashley. Ashley then asked MFT's own Jon...

Musical Family Tree

Interview: David Bower (Cooked Books, Resting Rooster, The Vegetables)

Introduction David Bower recently sat down to answer a few questions about the long, winding road that led to his latest musical endeavor, Cooked Books, and the release of the...

We Listen For You

REVIEW: Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness Release Date - February 18, 2014 Burn Your Fire For No Witness opens with the understated, power chords of "Unfucktheworld." The song...

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WARMfest: An Important Step for Indy's Music Scene

WARMfest Preview Playlist There's much to be excited about at the advent of the inaugural WARMfest this weekend in Broad Ripple Park. Proceeds from the festival will support the...

We Listen For You

REVIEW: Don Muro - "It's Time"

Record Label - Flannelgraph Records If Don Muro's self-released, 1977 debut LP It's Time was a novel, it would begin in medias res. Several slaps of the snare on the album's...

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Preview: LISTEN LOCAL (Oreo Jones & Friends, Teenage Strange, No Coast)

This Friday brings the final installment of our Listen Local concert series at Broad Ripple Park. While the five previous shows have had their share of highlights, we're...


Cultivating Diversity Requires Multiple Channels of Communication

I was recently re-reading an old blog post from fellow Indianapolis company Pivot Marketing, entitled "Caring for your office introvert." As an introvert, I identified with the...