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Ravijojla Novakovic is a writer and teller based in Zagreb, Croatia. A philologist by profession, she’s fluent in several languages, enjoys learning, travelling and holds a soft spot for arts and culture.

SNIP of Zagreb
At least 5 Things to do at Zrinjevac Square in Zagreb

Zrinjevac Park Square, the lushest of the parks belonging to a cluster of parks and promenades known as the Lenuci horseshoe, was designed and built in the 19th century when downtown Zagreb was taking its present shape. Zrinjevac park today serves its original function, which is to be a representable place for citizens to enjoy strolling along or sitting down in the shade of plane trees for refreshment and peace. Of all the things you can do at Zrinjevac square, we bring you a list of a few...


Nikola Tesla's Birthplace - Where It All Began - Write&Tell

Deep in the vastness of the green fields of Lika, where green pastures are interlaced with the occasional sign of karst terrain of limestone rocks, lays the bucolic Smiljan, where Nikola Tesla was born. Smiljan is a tiny village situated just a few kilometres away from the impoverished, but still standing small town of Gospić. The scenery surrounding it is as serene as plain and untouched nature can be, the smell of pureness creates space for awe and one can not help but wonder how this place...

Travel Ray
Technology Changes How MICE Agencies Work

We're well into the 21st century and technology influences MICE industry in more ways than we could ever have imagined, and will continue to do so as the modern traveler goes increasingly digital.

SNIP of Zagreb
5 Things to Do at the Jelačić Square in Zagreb

Jelačić Square is Zagreb’s main city square, the one that is always busy, colourful and full of life. It is today, as it was in the past, a place where all types of people meet on their daily routes through Zagreb’s downtown. It’s where you’ll go to feel the heartbeat of Zagreb, see the common people walk by and revel in the bright colours of polished buildings built in a classical Middle-European style. But what else can you do at Jelačić square? We bring several suggestions:

Celebrating Strong Creatives - Afripedia: Ghana

We have already witnessed the potential of young African creatives revealed by the Afripedia documentary series. Each new episode of this six part documentary series brings us closer to the micro-culture of creatives in six African countries; Angola, Ghana, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Senegal.

Krump - the Aesthetics of Rage

The documentary ' Journey to Heaven' by Kaizen Pictures brings a refreshing insight into the krump dance style scene. Krump is an unconventional kind of a dance, characterized by quick, harsh, random and seemingly violent body movements, while the dancers themselves sport a rather grim look about them.


Pheeyownah (pronounced Fiona) is Feyona Naluzzi, a singer-songwriter and performer from Stockholm, Sweden. If you're familiar with the Swedish dance activist group JUCK, Pheeyownah's face might be familiar. If not, hopefully it will, as she slowly but safely penetrates the global electronic music scene and conquers the many challenges that lay ahead.

Challenging the Phallocentric

It’s been long since Laura Mulvey’s essay ‘Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema’ (1975) has been published, but the concept of “the male gaze” can still be used when discussing various cinematic and visual experiences.

Michael Cera vs. the World: Evolution of a typecast comic

No longer at the age to play the awkward teen archetype he's best known for, where can Michael Cera go from here? Remember the scene in The Graduate in which Ben Braddock's dad attempts to tell his son that he's dilly-dallied enough after his graduation and that it's about time to get serious?

Tsepe - hardstyle hiphop in Lesotho

Does it come as a surprise that hip-hop is one of the most spread out genres in Lesotho and surrounding South Africa? Hip hop being the spoken word of the peoples, often spreads out easily due to its ability to simultaneously host both local and global cultural traits.

Does Banshee really challenge TV norms?

Are the female characters of Banshee really empowered, or are they merely a fan service for the action hungry male gaze? Got 99 sexism problems, but the scenes of women having consensual sex ain't one. The women of Cinemax's Banshee are sure getting off, and it seems to be on their own terms - when they want it, and how they want it.

When loves songs go wrong: The creepiest odes to romance

It seems that there is a thin line between love and crime Love songs have been around for hundreds of years so one would think that the human race would of by now been able to master the act of expressing love in a musical fashion, without sound like absolute weirdos.


In the Loop: 5 min with Moodment Films

There was an instant likeability with Moodment Films ' videos about ordinary, but inspiring people and their lives. Most of the times we hear about people who've done something exceptional or remarkable; heart-warming stories about their almost inhumane efforts to go out of their ways to help others and/or achieve something really huge.

In the Loop: 5 mins with Tuna Özer

Tuna Özer (23) a filmmaker from Stockholm, has that je ne suis quoi about him. A few people I've met seem so apparently profound when I meet them for the first time, and he's one of them. Why, I let you decide, from the interview that follows.