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RJ Silver


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The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.
~ Anaïs Nin

Mercutio : If love be rough with you, be rough with love....

Private Client
Script Pitch

Story pitch for a romantic drama

True Heartbreak

4 years wasted....

Script Pitch

Synopsis for concept trailer for script available to view on youtube channel.

Madness of Me: A Becca Story
Memoir Ideas

Writing samples: Just some experiences I have written down.

Ventings of a Part time Dreamer
Journal Entries

An emotionally scarred individual takes to a journal, pried from the hands of her latest "client", she hopes to gain sanity from a self help group she lingers outside a local coffee shop in order to gain some kind of rationale as to why she is the way she is and maybe come to terms with the death of her stepfather, who was said client.

Church Girl Troubles - A dialogue of sorts -
Inner Musings

Being a pastor's kid is like being a celebrity. Except you are always compared to your father. The Inner Musings of a Pastor's Kid

A personal essay, names have been changed.
Summer Wind

The recollections of a young man and his Mexican American family,whose whole life has always been about recalling bitter & sweet memories as well as always uprooting to the next place.

original song
Internet Crush - A LYRICAL VENT

What happens when you crush on someone who is unattainable yet so irresistibly unforgettable. This song poured out from a young teen's heart just shows that love struck kids are just as tormented, if not more, as starving artists.

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