Sandra Lee

Reporter & Arts Contributor

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Sandra is a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts and Science double degree at The University of Melbourne, having also completed her film major abroad at The University of California Berkeley. She has a keen interest in reviewing the arts including theater, circus, the moving image and installation works. Her current work involves online text and audio content for Art Smitten (previously Arts Mitten) and SYN FM.




Melb Fringe Review: 'Hold Close' by Kinetica | SYN

Perth based contemporary circus company Kinetica bring their reading of Ingrid Tan's graphic novel "Hold Close" energetically to life. The stage opens to the cool of the forest, as performers take their aerial act positions. Their malleable form convinces you that they indeed are forest dwellers exploring the space.

Melb Fringe Review: SOMA | SYN

If you are new to The Fringe, you may have heard the common phrase - "you just don't know what to expect". This was definitely my experience of Amy Macpherson's SOMA. There was immense thought and preparation put into this delicate dance work by the young talented individual who received training at Sonsina Wogayehu of Circus Oz in the field of contortion.

SYN Art Smitten
Review: ACMI Faith Connections

Rated: MA 15+ (Strong drug use and nudity) Pan Nalin, 115 mins, India/France, 2013, Hindi with English subtitles

Melb Fringe Review: 'Panic' by Kobe Abe

This year's Fringe line up includes the international collaboration between Theatre Moments (Japan) and Godot Art Association (Macau) presenting their dramatization of Kobe Abe's short story "Panic". Kobe Abe's repertoire has nominated him to be a Nobel Prize for Literature candidate and thus adapting his work is by no means an easy task.


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