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Content Writing Is Tough but This Secret Makes It So Much Easier

Blog reality 2017: a reader will only skim. His or her attention is already at saturation when gets to your blog. If your content is not clear and easy to follow, the sad truth is he'll bounce. Your content must HOOK him or her within the first sentence.

Versa Technology
IEEE 802.3cg | Pushing Ethernet Technology Into the Future

Ethernet engineers have complicated work. Upgrading equipment, meeting budgets and deadlines, and ensuring maximum uptime all land in their wheelhouse. But if you could summarize the primary problem (and solution) in one word, it would be speed. There's no question that since 1985, there's been a lot of progress made when it comes to network speed.

Planetech USA
Energy-Efficiency and the Future for IT Staff Members

As energy-efficient technology races ahead, the government and private industries alike are hustling to keep up. As part of this effort, the Department of Energy's "Building Technologies Office (BTO) recently made an exciting announcement. It will be investing over $3 million in a series of 5 pilot projects aimed at improving the efficiency of the nation's commercial buildings.

Planetech USA
Aging Network Infrastructure and Delta's Virtual Crash

Back on January 29, 2017, Delta Airline suffered a well-publicized computer crash grounding 280 planes. An earlier disruption back in August of 2016 caused a startling 1,000 flight delays, on day 1, and another 779 the next. Things happen. We get it.

Versa Technology
How Autonomous Technology Is Shaping the Way America Does Cars

It's no secret that some big players are already putting in some serious overtime on their self-driven car prototypes. "This year," reported WIRED in their December 22nd, 2016 update, "Google's autonomous fleet quietly hit 2 million miles," on the streets of Fountain View, California.

Versa Technology
3 Steps to Pitch Network Equipment to Government Agencies

Last week the Washington Post announced a White House pledge to spend a massive $1 trillion on a road, waterway, and airport infrastructure overhaul initiative. For most people and industries, infrastructure repair is nothing but a headache. But for some specific verticals, it means big business.

Planetech USA
PoE Lighting Advancements Illuminate Cities of the Future

Cars fly past your mega-skyscraper window. Your friendly robot arrives serving your favorite martini. As the sun goes down, the lights dim and change hue for a more evening appropriate mood. You get up and walk into your bedroom. As the light dims further behind you, your bedroom comes to life without you needing to push a single button.

Versa Technology
Hyperconvergence | The Future of IT

For decades, when we've imagined an optimal IT operation, we envision wall after wall of pristine servers. The system admin is holding a clipboard and except for the hum of these trusty servers, all is silent. Businesses that wanted proper data security and redundancies often had to invest in their own facilities to house these server banks.

Versa Technology
Net Neutrality | The Issues and Arguments

Net Neutrality has been a hot button issue for the past few years, and things have only been heating up over the past few months. Of course, like many controversial news items, the truth may be slightly different from what you've been told.

Planetech USA
Troubleshooting Your Way To A Perfect Wireless Access Point

Ever been out and about and tried connecting to public Wi-Fi? Ever had trouble connecting or experienced horrible connectivity after getting logged in? I suppose a better question would be: who hasn't? Sadly, this happens all too often. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Embracing the New Company Culture of DevOps - Telehouse

"You can't directly change culture. But you can change behavior, and behavior becomes culture." - Lloyd Taylor, VP of Infrastructure, ngmoco Matt Stratton, one of the new voices in the DevOps community, talked with Telehouse about the culture of DevOps and his approach to finding, hiring and retaining DevOps talent.

Internet Protocol: The Evolution of IPv4 to IPv6

"An Internet Protocol (IP) is a set of technical rules that defines how computers communicate over a network. There are two versions-IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 was developed in the 1970s and was the most widely used version. It's the foundation protocol for the global Internet.

Social Media Today
6 Experts Reveal How to Easily Get More Facebook Traffic

Ever wanted to ask an expert how to kill it on Facebook and turn social traffic into red hot leads? Or learn the tricks the "pros" use to amplify their content and put it in front of the right people?

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