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Digging deep and representing people at the bottom of the pyramid is what I aim to do with my work. Dedicated to a narrative style of journalism that is comprehensive, multi-platform and asks the tough questions.

US News & World Report
'Pokemon Go' fans play in India despite no official launch

By RISHABH R. JAIN and MANISH MEHTA, Associated Press NEW DELHI (AP) - "Pokemon Go" has yet to officially arrive in India, but that's not stopping people there from playing the highly addictive online game. Many fans of the augmented-reality-based game have managed to download the app even though it has not been launched in India yet.

The Big Story
Muslim women campaign to end instant divorce in India

MUMBAI, India (AP) - Just hours after Shagufta Sayyd was married, her new husband told her he was having a relationship with another woman. He was clear the two would have no future, the 21-year-old Sayyd said. He was only marrying her to please his mother.

Business Insider
Bollywood hunks and heroes among the world's top paid actors

NEW DELHI (AP) - Bollywood films, with their colorful sets and hyper-coordinated song-and-dance numbers, have catapulted five Indians into the ranks of world's highest paid male actors. Three of those actors- Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar - were in the top 10, outranking Hollywood A-listers such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Young Indians embrace dating apps despite social taboos

NEW DELHI (AP) - Aditi Mendiratta's biggest worry as she's swiping left and right is hiding the smartphone notifications that read "Congratulations! You have a new match" from her parents. "They wouldn't be cool with it," the 20-year-old journalism student said, flipping her long black hair out of her face.

AP Bigstory
Free meal for thousands in New Delhi example of Sikh service

NEW DELHI (AP) - Harjeet Singh can usually be found riding around New Delhi on his Harley Davidson Superlow, or helping foreign companies set up operations in India. At home, the businessman has staff to clean and cook for his family.

Stories in The Daily Iowan

UI suspends study-abroad program marked by student's death - The Daily Iowan

Starting this winter, University of Iowa students will no longer be granted any credits for courses completed at the National Outdoor Leadership School, based in Wyoming. In August, the UI Office of Study Abroad decided to closely investigate the courses offered by the school, almost a year after UI student Tom Plotkin lost his life during a school course in India.

Residents, business owners reeling from downtown fire - The Daily Iowan

According to reports released by city officials, the fire spread to 9 S. Linn St., despite efforts by the firefighters. The fire was finally declared under control at 7:30 a.m. after causing smoke and water damage to Takanami, Yacht Club, Studio 13, and AKAR - and devastating Bruegger's.

2012 Iowa caucus candidates eye flat tax system - The Daily Iowan

Candidate Positions: Michele Bachmann Bachmann wants to reduce the number of federal income-tax brackets, repeal taxes put in place by the Democrats' 2010 health-care overhaul, reform the alternate minimum tax, and eliminate the federal inheritance tax. Rick Santorum Santorum, too, wants to bring down the corporate tax, eliminate long-term entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security, and cut spending and end bailouts.

Video and TV Stories

India Mother Teresa | AP Archive

"To actually have met and spoken to a saint is very precious to me. And I have sort of memorabilia from Mother (Mother Teresa) of things that she has written. And I suppose its, how many people in their lives can ever say that they would've met a saint."

(HZ) India Pokemon | AP Archive

"I started off with Bulbasaur, but slowly, in different locations I ended up finding Squirtle and Charmander. And then Pikachu hatched in an egg. So nothing better for me. I got all the starters then I changed my motive to like I want to increase their combat power as well.

(HZ) India Luxury Cars | AP Archive

"Thanks to all the luxury car segments that are now in India, so because of the competition, we still get it a lot of competitive price. Prices, if you go back to five years, you will see the prices were too high, and now not that much.

(HZ) India Medicine Baba | AP Archive

"A large proportion of our own Indian population do not have access to medicine. This is because, access when I say access to medicine, physical access to essential medicines in the public health facilities. The reason being, most of our public health facilities are not really efficient in terms of procuring medicines and supplying it.

(HZ) India Social Dating | AP Archive

"Dating is another thing, but settling down with someone is something totally different. And, even if I have a love marriage, or I meet someone through a dating application, firstly I will have to go against my parents, which I don't think will be that much of a problem, but the point is, what if things don't work out?

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