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If Rizal Were a Millenial

The Millenials are those who were born between 1982 and early 2000s. We all know the real Jose Rizal was born in the 60's but what if he was a 90's kid instead?

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16 Unique-Themed Dessert Tables For Your Kid's Birthday Celebration (Part 3)

If there's anything you shouldn't underestimate, it's the power of dessert. Dessert tables can instantly win the hearts of your guests, especially the young ones! Take a look at this list as we rounded up of new unique themed dessert tables, to help you decide for your future parties!

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9 Fun Invitation Inspirations For Your Kid's Party

Invitations are something you should never skimp on. Not only do they include the five Ws (who, what, where, when, why), but it also sets the mood of the party. If there's anything that can hype up the guests in an instant, this is it.

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7 Fun Activities You Can Have in Your Kid's Party

What's a birthday bash without fun activities? Make sure your guests are having a good time by incorporating these ideas in your party. Everything's also adult friendly, so everyone's gonna have a blast. Join us as we list seven fun party ideas for your event! P.S. - You might need this for future reference!

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Aaliyah's Quirky Baby Shark Themed Party

What if sharks were seen as friends and not as mere predators? Take a clue from Aaliyah's Baby Shark themed celebration. I swear, it's got us singing and dancing all day! Why don't you see it for yourself? A huge thanks to Starfish Media for sharing this set with us!

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10 Romantic Fragrances for Your Big Day

It’s essential to look and feel good on your wedding day. Sometimes, even if you have the perfect dress and makeup, it still feels like there’s something missing. How about a romantic fragrance to complete everything? Wedding perfumes are often overlooked by brides and trust us, you shouldn’t!

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6 Stylish Getting Ready Outfits for Your Bridesmaids

When looking for a 'getting ready' outfit for your bridesmaids, the first thing you have to keep in mind is the balance between style and comfort. You will be needing something flattering and comfortable for that fabulous IG-worthy photo op.

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This Dreamy Engagement in Japan Will Give You Romantic Comedy Feels

The way Martin Aesthetics captured every inch of this romantic engagement made the couple look like they came out straight from an Asian drama. Daibo and Alvin look so natural and relaxed in their pre-wedding shoot and I couldn’t help but hear lovely melodies play in the background as I browsed through all their photos–they were so candid and real.

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This Couple Celebrated Their Engagement with Their Adorable Dog!

Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind, so Sivi and Paul made sure to bring along their adorable white pomeranian dog during their engagement shoot. The soon-to-wed couple looked simply chic as they both donned the classic white tee and denim outfit, while their little ball of sunshine added delight to each special moment captured by Donna Lam Photography.