Riley Palmer

Freelance writer and editor

Location icon Australia

Riley Palmer started her career in publishing at Edge Agency, where she worked across titles such as OUTthere, Foxtel Magazine, Crown Platinum, Cruise Passenger, and Petbarn.

In her most recent role as features editor of The CEO Magazine, Riley further developed her skills across both digital and print platforms.

She currently works as a freelance writer and editor, and specialises in writing travel, business, and news features.

The CEO Magazine
Clicks and mortar

From having an omnichannel strategy to utilising biometric software, retailers around the globe are embracing technology as a tool to engage more closely with consumers.

The CEO Magazine
Game of drones

Author, entrepreneur, accidental journalist, and physicist, Chris Anderson is a man of many titles. Now the CEO and Co-Founder of drone start-up 3D Robotics, he is acutely aware that technology and its impact is unfathomable.

The CEO Magazine
Bitter pills

The majority of us have supplemented our diet at some point; taking vitamin C to ward off the common cold, or fish oil to promote brain health. This might seem relatively innocuous, but how safe are supplements really?

The CEO Magazine
Camped by a billabong

A wellness sanctuary just outside of Sydney provides all the right ingredients to help guests reassess the way they’ve been hurtling through life.

The CEO Magazine
Hungry for growth

Sydney-based start-up HowAboutEat is safeguarding the world from ‘hangry’ employees, one lunch delivery at a time.

The CEO Magazine
Retreating to the ranges

A traipse through South Australia’s Flinders Ranges proves to be as cathartic as it is stunning.

The CEO Magazine
Down to earth

A cultural and historical treasure trove with a natural, striking landscape, Broken Hill is much more than just a mining town.

The CEO Magazine
Pretty little Perry

Containing ceramics on human depravity and tapestries on the futility of class mobility, Grayson Perry’s ‘My Pretty Little Art Career’ is an exhibition that sticks with you.

Crown Platinum
Akira à la mode

Akira Isogawa's Japanese-inspired garments are works of wearable art, each one a delicate amalgam of textile and form. Riley Palmer gains insights into the inner workings of the fashion icon who, more than 20 years after establishing his label, is still taking the world by storm.

Suzuki Magazine
The lucky striker

Riley Palmer recaps the 1993 MotoGP World Championship — an event in which Kevin Schwantz, atop his Lucky Strike, stamped his status as a legend.