Rickey Davis-Turner

Technology Business Consultant - Associate

United States

Highly analytical and performance-driven professional with hands-on experience in mortgage servicing and origination operations, change management, quality assurance, and continuous process improvements. Skilled at implementing business operating models, collecting/analyzing data, improving service levels, and preparing/executing consistent/realistic business plans and control structures. Repeated success in requirement analysis and forecasting, internal control/reporting, and relationship building. Ability to engage and solicit input from stakeholders, key business partners, and proactively implement precise strategies, processes, and corrective actions. Expert in developing and implementing robust procedures, and applications, leading, delivering, spearheading projects, and managing teams to attain shared visions and goals. Proven problem-solving skills and ability to learn emerging and new technology. Succinct communication written and verbal skills. Ability to work independently and as part of a team and accurately prioritize workload with nominally supervision.


Academic course work

HON490: Honors College Seminar
Health First and Food Initiative:10-year intervention plan to eradicate food deserts

While adding more supermarkets and grocery stores may not change every resident's mind about food and eating habits, people in Healthy Food Priority Areas should have access to affordable healthy foods because it can lead to shopping for better food choices, confront childhood obesity, and give back ownership to families over their eating behaviors.

HON470: Leadership in the 21st Century
Cult Leadership

Cult leaders have the charisma and ability to exert power over their followers, even to the point of manipulating them into suicide or murder. In your Final Presentation, you will examine the leadership styles and influence tactics of cult leaders. You will be challenged to take the role of a community activist attempting to break the cult leader’s influence, which will require you to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts covered throughout the course.

The Florida Times-Union
Residents protest separating immigrant families

The Families Belong Together event was sponsored by the March Florida chapter on June 30 Women's in Saint Augustine, Florida. Protestors gathered at the Plaza de la Constitucion at St. George Street at 7 p.m. until 9 p.m.

AU Champion
Encouraging a Future Generation for Diversity in Journalism

ASNE also reported a decrease in minority workforce at daily newspapers from 16.65 percent in 2016 to 16.31 percent last year. But at digital-only news websites, the survey reported an increase in minorities employees, 24.43 percent in 2017 compared to 2016 at 23.3 percent.

The Jacksonville Times
Not so fast, Florida may not be exempt from offshore drilling

On Jan 4, Zinke announced a five-year drilling plan for 90 percent of the U.S coastal reserves for drilling by private companies. Later Zinke said Florida is exempt from the program and now several other coastal states have requested an exemption.

Academic Essay
Elements in News Reporting

According to Stovall (2015), "Events that change people's lives are classified as news" (pg. 59). News events that impact the lives of people and have lasting consequences are considered newsworthy.