Rich Taylor

Communications and writing professional with background in not-for-profit and higher ed

Location icon Victoria BC, Canada

I completed my master’s degree in Religion, Conflict and Journalism at the University of Sheffield, UK, and currently reside on beautiful Vancouver Island, where I am Digital Media Officer & Web Coordinator with the University of Victoria’s Peter B. Gustavson School of Business. In between, I spent four years writing for the UK’s longest-running heavy metal publication, Terrorizer magazine, and was the marketing assistant at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, where I led the production of written marketing and communications materials.

I'm interested in opportunities in the not-for-profit and public sector, and get especially fired up by arts, culture and the environment.


Peter B. Gustavson School of Business: Blogs & Magazine Articles

Business Class Magazine
Destination: Everywhere

Meet two Gustavson grads that were bitten by the travel bug so badly that they built their lifestyles, and businesses, around travel

Gustavon School of Business Blog
Entrepreneurship grad's worldwide ride to success

A high school career aptitude test told Shay Brown, BCom '11, that she should be an entrepreneur. Fast forward to 2017, and this prediction has proved accurate. Shay, who graduated with a specialization in entrepreneurship, has spent the last four years building a range of businesses.

Gustavon School of Business Blog
How to tackle the school year, one to-do list at a time

Learning how to manage time effectively and avoid stress is critical for success. Unfortunately, it's not always easy, especially for students: between busy class schedules, competing deadlines, and studying for exams - not to mention maintaining relationships, finding time for personal interests, and maybe even relaxing once in a while - tasks and the time available to complete them often feel like opposing forces.

Chilliwack Cultural Centre: Media Releases

Terrorizer Magazine: Feature Articles

Terrorizer Magazine
Beyond the Within

Maturing into confidence, personality, and creative fulfillment. An interview feature with Norwegian progressive supergroup Borknagar.

Terrorizer Magazine
Time Bandits

An interview feature with international prog rock group, Vly

Terrorizer Magazine
Band of Brothers

Rising from the ashes of a former, renowned project, Vreid have nonetheless created their own identity and story

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