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Writer - technology, health, politics and marketing. Published on numerous industry blogs and author of 3 books.
I create powerful copy that makes people think, by basing everything on a singular, meaningful idea.
Through focusing on one idea, copy becomes engaging and meaningful.

Hannay Lawyers
Finding the Best Criminal Lawyer for You - Hannay Lawyers

When it comes to hiring a criminal lawyer, there is no shortage of options. A quick search on Google will yield hundreds of results in your local area, and many more nationally, all claiming to be the very best criminal lawyers in the country. So how do you select the right criminal lawyer for you?

"You've Got to Spend Money to Make Money," and 3 Other Fallacies

Investment fallacies gain credibility because they sound good. Many clichés related to investments are well-known because they are proven, but many offer only the perception of substance. Here are some investment fallacies you should disregard, and why: You've Got to Spend Money to Make Money Why?

Animals with tax returns, are they earning more than you? | POP

We don't like to limit ourselves here at POP, so when we research available tax deductions, why stop at humans? After all, many of the creatures that wander the earth have been around for much longer than us, and so surely they have a more in-depth understanding of tax rules and legislation.

Why am I Lodging my Tax Return with POP? | POP Tax

At tax time, we all get that feeling of impending dread. Who has the time or the inclination to wade through receipts or jump onto Google and ask "what should I claim on my tax return?" You've got options. Here are 10 reasons why I am lodging my tax return with POP.

Queensland Rugby League
Maintaining Focus Even While Losing

When things are going well, it's easy to maintain focus; because it's pleasant to keep an eye on the parts of your life or business that are going smoothly.

Queensland Rugby League
4 Steps to Getting your Fight Back

Momentum is a double-edged sword; when things are going well and life is heading in a positive direction, you feel unstoppable. Inspiration, ideas and solutions seem to flow to you, and everything feels that impact - your mood, how you interact with people around you and the results you achieve.

Queensland Rugby League
5 Tips on Self-Promotion for Introverts

Advice on how to promote yourself, or enhance your personal brand is often geared in such a way that it is only useful to those who have a predisposition towards beginning conversations with others, and naturally building relationships.

Factoid Media
Donald Trump Congratulates Leonardo DaVinci for Selling Painting

Donald Trump, President of the United States and art lover, has congratulated renaissance artist Leonardo DaVinci for selling his painting 'Salvator Mundi' for $450million. "He's doing great things," said Trump. "We're very proud of this man who continues to go above and beyond in his field; reminds me of that Frederick Douglass chap."

SEO Tips, Obviously
Contextual SEO Content and How to Create It

Google can read. Not in a cute metaphorical sense; Google's systems have now reached a point where they can not only analyse the words on the page but understand the context of those words. This means that the cornerstone of old-school SEO - keywords, is now...not irrelevant but... yeah pretty irrelevant.

Thrive Global
The Zen of Working from Home - Thrive Global

A couple of months ago we moved into our new office having worked from home for a couple of years. Home is not a small mansion overlooking the ocean but a lovely, yet compact, apartment that manages to defy all laws of nature and house two adults, a five year old cyclone, 429 My Little Ponies and a weird tin chicken.