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I am a world traveler, freelance writer, and passionate foodie, currently working campgrounds and exploring the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Having worked in the travel industry for 25+ years, travel is my life and my passion, and I am now moving towards becoming a digital nomad, focusing on growing my freelance resume.

The Huffington Post
Slow Travel and See the World as a Travel Blogger

This article comes to us courtesy of, the world's leading authority on how to live, work, invest, travel, and retire better overseas. I hear the chickens first, as I do every morning. I roll over and slowly open my eyes to take in one of the most incredible vistas I have ever experienced.

Your RV Lifestyle
13 Tips for Full-time RVing with a Dog | Your RV Lifestyle

Looking to bring fido on a long road trip? With more and more folks making full-time RVing their lifestyle, more happy pups than ever are out and about exploring the winding routes that make up North America.

Travel Away
Myths, Magic, and Mezcal: How to Experience Oaxaca Valley

Mexico is littered with stunning landscapes, delicious food, vibrant culture, and interesting history, but you need to travel to the southern end of the country in order to find one of the most fascinating regions: the Oaxaca Valley. Oaxaca (pronounced Wah-haak-kah) means several things.

Travel Away
1,500 Days on the Road - What We've Learned so Far

Today marks 1,500 days since we left "home". 1,500 days since we turned our backs on the more socially accepted path of home ownership, careers, and working hard before retiring to begin to live the life we really wanted. Some see our decision as foolhardy. Some have been critical and accused us of running away.

International Living
Living Richly on less in San Cristobal de las Casas

My husband, Jim, and I have always been restless wanderers. While I used to work in the travel industry and we traveled frequently, it was never enough. Never long enough. Never deep enough. So, in 2007 we sold our house, packed up our belongings, and embarked on a 14-month, 20-country, and five-continent backpacking jaunt around the world.

Wand'rly Magazine
Living in a Truck Camper: Buying, Living and Traveling

For many Americans the idea of a life lived on the road generally brings with it an impression of enormous RV's, extra vehicle in tow, firmly entrenched in the deluxe RV park scenario. The reverse of the RV pack brings us to the once-again-hip world of camper vans.

Truck Camper Magazine
Gourmet Cooking On The Road

Full-time truck camper and traveling foodie, Rhonda Delameter, shares her secrets to cooking gourmet meals with minimal space, minimal ingredients, and minimal time. Did we mention she's traveling through South America? I didn't grow up as a foodie. Life in small town Minnesota was basic meat and potatoes, rarely varying.

Tiny House Blog
Truck Camper Living - Tiny House Blog

We developed a love for tiny house living long before we fully embraced the life. We were living a life too large; a life in a house far too big for two people, a life where the majority of our money and time went to commuting and working simply to sustain this life.

Expedition Portal
How to Cross the Street in Saigon

by Expedition Portal Staff Photography by Story by Rhonda Delameter It had been three days since we had arrived in Saigon, officially now Ho Chi Minh City, and we were trapped halfway across an eight lane street. Motor scooters, taxis, auto rickshaws, human powered rickshaws, all vying for first place in the ever crazed race around the streets of the city.

Matador Network
What I've learned about the secret of youth as a nomad

THE KITEBOARD LAUNCHED high into the air, its rider twisting with agile grace to make the landing. Watching from shore, I lamented on my lack of youth, ability, and iffy knee from an old injury. Imagine my surprise when the kiteboarding master finally landed on the sandy beach and removed his helmet and wetsuit to reveal a man easily my father's age.

Fulltime Nomad
The Reality of a Digital Nomad: The Ups & Downs of Nomad Life

Most digital nomads (us included) usually only talk about the amazing things about being location independent. We do it because we want more people to question the status quo and we want more of you to rethink how you've been told you should live.

BootsnAll Travel Articles
Travel to the tip of Africa - South Africa

Travel to the Tip of Africa South Africa Africa had always been a dream destination, a place romanticized in movies such as "Out of Africa" and "I Dreamed of Africa", and a land of adventure, romance, and really great sightseeing!

Grand European Travel Blog
What is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? - Grand European Travel Blog

You've probably heard of popular destinations being described as UNESCO sites, but what does this mean? Widely known by the acronym UNESCO, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is an entity aiming to preserve cultural and natural treasures around the world.

The Next Big Adventure
Fear and a Mothers Dream

"Your dream is not big enough if it doesn't scare you" FEAR. We all experience it, whether it be the everyday fear of spiders or a debilitating fear of the dark. I'm sure we all just as often find our actions paralyzed by our fears. Fear of commitment. Fear of death.

We Said Go Travel
Finding Inspiration in Mexico

I wiggle my toes further into the sand, enjoying the coolness on my sun-burnt feet. Leaning back on my elbows, I butt-dance the sand into a more comfortable shape, feeling the sun caress my face in the early morning light. The beach, nearly empty of tourists, has only a few, lone souls appreciating the solitude.

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